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Would you buy a car from this Martini?Earth2tech reports that Tesla opened its second showroom last week in Menlo Park, CA. The new "palatial" space is three times larger than Tesla's original L.A. showroom, highlighting just how important the Silicon Valley is to Tesla's attempt to become a viable boutique automaker. And though the money could have been spent on say, a transmission, Tesla threw a party at its new showroom to celebrate the (eventual) delivery of cars to its patient customers. And what a party it was, by all accounts. "The parking valets seemed to outnumber the electric Roadsters," says E2T (ya think?), and an open bar served such cocktails as the Electric Margarita (great as long as you don't ask how it's made) and the Model S Mojito (if you wanted to get really delusional). Tesla President/CEO Ze'ev Drori and Chairman Elon Musk mingled with customers (martini glasses in hand) and spoke of plans for more showrooms (and accompanying parties) in New York, Chicago, Seattle and Miami. And while Tesla partied, the first dozen roadsters to be delivered to Silicon Valley customers sat in the back of the showroom, along with nine others scattered across the showroom floor in "different stages of development." They may be arriving in California at a rate of four per week, but since final assembly takes place at Tesla's dealerships, most are not yet ready for delivery. Which brings to mind the wise words of another, more famous electric innovator from a different Menlo Park: "genius is one percent perspiration, and 99 percent hype." Or something like that.

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13 Comments on “Tesla Death Watch 13: The Wizards Of Menlo Park...”

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    It’s Silicon Valley, not Silicone (unless you’re joking).

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    Hollywood is Silicone Valley…

    Or Scottsdale…

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    I suspect the location is about attracting investors more than buyers. I admit though, it is a likely place to find buyers.

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    I’m sure the electric Margarita can’t touch the Aston Martini I had at the DBS premiere I attended.

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    Do they have an espresso-bar? It’s not really a serious dealership unless there’s an espresso-bar.

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    “I took your $100,000 deposit and made you wait for over a year for your car, which may or may not actually make it to your driveway. Here, have a drink on you me.”

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    Edward Niedermeyer

    Thanks for spotting the mistake. I’ve been out of California long enough to forget that Menlo Park is not in the (San Fernando) Silicone Valley. I think Tesla only manufactures their airbags there…

    Incidentally, the Earth2Tech story actually says that the showroom was “filled with engineers, customers, caterers, a band and 9 Roasters (sic) in different stages of development.” Maybe they haven’t fixed all the bugs with the battery thermal control system yet…

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    They’re definitely not the first manufacturer to complete the final stage of assembly @ the dealership, LOL

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    I wonder what the stages of development of a caterer are? :-)

    Let’s see now – what category to file Tesla under?
    This is hard – what exactly is this company?

    Final assembly at Tesla’s dealerships … let’s hope it’s not much that’s being assembled – and that quality control has integrity. What’s the insurance premium on a Tesla?
    And how is this company different from the car modders on MTV?

    Is that what Tesla is? A car modding outfit?

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    Just saw a silver with orange stripes Tesla Roadster on 84 coming back from HWY 1 yesterday. Good looking car, hope they make something of it.

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    RxPhink, that’s Martin’s. He finally took delivery on the 19th.

    I think they could make something of it, if they put their minds to building it instead of putting together their next model, worthy though that may be.


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    Rag on it all you want. It was a very enjoyable party and the cars were awesome.

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    c. eloi marx

    Doug; maybe they should get into the party planning business then, because they’ve certainly cocked up this whole “car manufacturer” thing.

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