Question of the Day: Do You Care About Spy Shots?

question of the day do you care about spy shots

I just spent three hours deducing that a car completely covered in loose fitting vinyl was in fact a Suzuki Kizashi and not a Volkswagen Jetta. Or refreshed Subaru WRX. And we auto scribes do not get paid by the hour. OK, some of us do, but three hours is an insanely long time. Especially if no one cares. You there, sir, do you care about a Suzuki Kizashi? What if I told you it was a 300 hp, AWD Camry competitor? Still not interested in looking at photos of it all wrapped up in line-blurring leather? I'm not shocked. However, I am shocked at the news from last week that a French journalist was hauled off to jail for industrial espionage because he got a hold of photographs of the new Renault Megane. How nutso is that? I say pretty nutso. But I'm being serious — do you really care about spy shots? And if so, why? Or why not?

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  • Subifreak Subifreak on Jul 22, 2008

    I don't mind spy shots me a rough idea of a model that I might be interested in whether it be a current model mid cycle 'refresh' or a glimpse to what the redesigned model will look like (AKA do I buy the current one or wait for the all new model).

  • Campocaceres Campocaceres on Jul 22, 2008

    not really. they're a nice distraction if there is nothing else worth reading, but for that exciting sneak preview of your every day boring "crossover" wrapped up in mysterious black clothing-- hey, that's what autoblog is for!

  • Dulcamara Dulcamara on Jul 22, 2008

    Bottom line: no