Lemons South: How I Spent My Saturday

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
lemons south how i spent my saturday

Hang around the car business long enough and you're bound to get some weird offers. Maybe something along the lines of, "If you fly to South Carolina and 'judge' some 70 odd cars, we'll give you $50." And so your honor, this is how I found myself standing in soupy 90 degree plus weather pounding on the hood of a 325e (or five) demanding to know how they got such a fine automobile for $500 or less. Murliee Martin and myself did an adequate job of busting the more obvious cheaters (we hit a spec Miata with a 200 lap ding and some got that tried to sneak in a supercharged PT Cruiser with 70 demerits) but a few slipped through our clutches. Namely the #1 and #2 cars, a BMW 318i and Saab 900 Turbo, respectively. In fact, the track employees were quite shocked as to how we let the Swede slide by. Guess we got distracted by something. Oh, did I tell you that they let me drive the pace car, a Vitamin C Dodge Challenger SRT-8? They did. And to think, my Mom's still bummed I didn't go to law school.

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