BMW Launches 7-Series Film, Oscar on Notice

BMW International has posted a film, photo montage and downloadable soundtrack for its new 7-Series sedan. Yes, it's "The Dawn of a New Era." In watching the film and slideshow with its urbane classical soundtrack, I find myself crying. Whether it's tears of joy at this new marvelous vehicle or sadness at the human race, I cannot say. It might just be embarrassment that I care at all. Nevertheless, BMW calls the new 7er "A completely new interpretation on style, luxury, and driving dynamics." I suppose that when discussing a range-topping sedan, they might as well use-range topping ridiculous claims. Most importantly, from the films, it looks like the 7-Series looks far better in motion than it did in most of the still photos released last week (putting it in the context of lavish landscapes and palatial homes doesn't hurt either). Your thoughts?

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  • BigBucksT BigBucksT on Jul 09, 2008

    Nice to see Yanni getting some work again.

  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Jul 09, 2008

    They are going to get hair on their palms.

  • DearS DearS on Jul 09, 2008

    Is it supposed to compete with the Charge and Avalon, it sorta looks that way. Then Again the Genesis seems more like it.

  • Healinginfluence Healinginfluence on Jul 10, 2008

    This is one boring ad. The LS460 ad linked to above is the single best car ad I have ever seen with gorgeous music that I just downloaded from iTunes. The ad actually made me want to buy the LS460, if only I could afford it.