Autoblog Calls TTAC "Flame Throwers"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
autoblog calls ttac flame throwers

Just a little "Inside Baseball" stuff here folks. Those of you who aren't interested in a throw-down between the Simon Cowell of the autoblogosphere (us) and the Paul Abdul (Autoblog) are free to wander about the cabin. Autoblog's Noah Joseph was kind enough to link to TTAC for a post about Tata Motor's rumored resurrection of the once-storied Daimler marque. I mean, the Maserati-loving, Italian junketeering scribe (just sayin') could have followed his colleagues' lead and simply linked to our source for the story; following our news agenda without alerting their readers (most of which never darken our server) that they'd done so. All's fair in love and linkage. But no. Joseph felt compelled to take a shot at TTAC. "NOTE: I didn't know what our policy was about sourcing TTAC with all their flame-throwing, so feel free to remove the via from below." Howzzat? The site that allows more flame-throwing in its comment section than ever produced by the Silent Scope's heavy accuses US of incendiary behavior? Anyway, cool! Bring it on! But, uh, how does an Autoblog reader remove an attribution? Is it one of those "don't think of a pink elephant deals?" UPDATE: AB's pulled the post.

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