Volvo V100: Wagons Ho!

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes
volvo v100 wagons ho

With the rest of the automotive world downsizing vehicles in the name of high world oil prices, Volvo has decided that the path to salvation for the Swedish American brand is… building their biggest wagon yet. This plan may not actually be as insane as it sounds. Volvo is promising something more along the lines of a wagonish crossover vehicle of some sort (think mini-van/wagon blend) seating five or seven with a selection of five or six cylinder inline gas of diesel engines, a turbo inline six and the Yamaha V8 seeing duty under many Swedish hoods on this side of the pond. FWD will be standard with AWD on the options list. Expect size somewhere between a BMW 5 and 7-Series and expect the Mercedes R class to be the conceptual model for the V100's market. Priced no doubt between Chrysler's most expensive minivans and the overpriced minivan crossover from the Germans, there might be a future for those recovering from a full size SUV's fuel appetite.

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