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nissan-_z_s_ts_ttac_01.jpgThe new GT-R from Nissan is a media darling, and deservedly so; a gran turismo with enough usable performance to tackle the Porsche Turbo. My question: does the GT-R still leave room for a smaller sports car like the Z-Series? The 350Z's decreasing sales and the increasing age (five years) tells us that the car will need a replacement soon. Hence Nissan test mules showing slightly longer and wider bodies. This "up-sizing" game has always amused me; the spot left empty by an enlarged car is often filled by a new "compact" model. Anyway, it seems the sixth Z will be a bigger, badder sports carl. I imagine the trademark sharp lines of the Z mixed with carbon-fiber parts (a CFRP roof would make sense), eye-catching LEDs and just a bit of GT-R. Enough to tell the two are brothers but not so much as to make the Z a GT-R wanna be. Let's see if fame runs in the family.

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13 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: Nissan Z...”

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    I never understood why a 2-seater would benefit from growing in size.

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    @ carlisimo
    More to show off? :)

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    Uggg…that photochop is terrible! Looks like its trying too hard to be a baby GT-R.

    As badass as the new GT-R is, it’s not very pretty. The Fairlady on the other hand is pretty damn sexy (for a Nissan).

    I hope the Z stays close to the current size, keeps it’s pretty flowing lines, and maybe sheds a couple of hundred pounds.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    “Slightly longer”? All the spy reports (and spy shots) show the next gen Z losing a couple of inches in the wheelbase.

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    It looks like there is a new trend in Nissan’s head lights design(see the new maxima sedan). I’ll bet you the 350Z and any new nissan model will follow that. I guess you should include that in your chops.

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    What, no ugly-ass Z-shaped slash in the headlights?

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    “…does the GT-R still leave room for a smaller sports car like the Z-Series?”

    Why wouldn’t there be room for a sports car that provides a majority of the fun for half the price (not including dealer markup) of the GT-R? If the GT-R brings people into a Nissan dealer, those customers could walk out with a Z car instead (Unlike Lexus with the LF-A where, if the LF-A brings people into a dealership, there is nothing resembling a “LF-A Lite” for those that can’t afford one).

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    The Fairlady is still a great eye catcher whenever you see one on the road. That was an impressive, time-standing design.

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    I miss the third-gen RX-7. Rather than go for a fat, 300ZX/Corvette-style big GT, Mazda made it smaller, leaner, and meaner. Granted, they went a little too far in some areas — fragile paint, punishing ride (at least the R1), suspension that wouldn’t stay bolted together, terrifying wet-road handling — but it was sleek, gorgeous, and wicked fast. The current Z isn’t a bad-looking car, but it looks like a linebacker, not sprinter, and fails to inspire lust.

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    I am a fineschmecker! Give me a Nissan Gt-R v-spec sibling under infiniti . The weight you save on v-spec, could be used on infiniti version luxury gizmos! I guess, I am toooo pervert.

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    Edward Niedermeyer

    Autocar says the new 370 Z will have a shorter wheelbase.

    Also, Nissan is planning a $25k RWD Silvia replacement to take on the Toyobaru coupe.

    So, it’s actually getting somewhat smaller in the name of improved handling, despite the development of a smaller, cheaper RWD offering. I’d say the signs point to Nissan heading in the right directions.

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    Yeah, I heard the same thing as well about the Z getting a shorter wheelbase. Nissan did the same thing with the Maxima and resisted increasing all but the width of the car to enhance the driving dynamics. I hope Nissan does the same with the [370]Z.

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    @ Paul Niedermeyer
    In here it looks longer and wider.

    @ incitatus
    The Z models are usually quite distinct. I sure hope the lights of the future Z will look nothing like those on the new Maxima. That’s an example of highly perishable design.

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