TTAC Photochop: New BMW Z4

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop new bmw z4

The Z4 was the vehicle that began the "flame surfacing" controversy, splitting fans of the brand into lovers and haters. And now the new Z4 gets to be the car to end the crisis, apparently. It will feature BMW's new "cooled down flame surfacing." Spyshots of the car are all over the internet showing the sizes and proportions of the new car along with an interesting detail, a folding hardtop. I'm curious if BMW will offer the car with both a soft-top (for the romantic) and a hard-top (for the prosaic). I know they avoided this solution so far because it affects the roof design. However the 3-Series CC with its three-piece folding roof is a design success. It doesn't look as "big in the derriere" as some of the competitors. Now, back to my guess on the Z4 MkII. I've used some influences from the CS Concept (the only thing they showed lately that could give away their future designs) and tried to keep in mind that "simple is better." The little things ensure the car is still a case of "love it or hate it," which I think is how a Z4 (flame surfaced or not) should be. A car that everyone considers to be "fine" is just boring.

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  • JJ JJ on Apr 26, 2008

    I like the current Z4... This design looks good too, only the headlights are a little un-BMW-like. A little bit Mercedes C-class to me. I just hope the metal folding roof won't mess everything up making it heavy a bloated. Otherwise, it's a BMW, it's a 2 seater roadster, what could possibly go wrong...

  • Joshvar Joshvar on Apr 27, 2008

    I, also, love the Z4 design. I don't think it's a great BMW design, but I love it and wouldn't mind driving one. However, this, wow. I admit I haven't looked at these posts much in the past, but recently, every single one I look at is fantastic from a design point of view, whether I like it or not. But this one, I'd buy it. I'd reskin just about any roadster short of the 507 to look like this :)