Nissan and Infiniti to Get New Small RWD Coupes

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
nissan and infiniti to get new small rwd coupes

For Edmunds, the upshot of writing what RF calls " Pimpatorials" is that they get to break inside information (although who knows how long they've been sitting on the news). The Inside Line folks report today that Infiniti is planning a small rear wheel-drive (RWD) coupe. The brand extension will be an entry-level two-seater slotting under the Infiniti G37 coupe. The new car would likely pack a smaller engine (2.5-liter V6?). That said, yours truly thinks that'll go out the window once the G37 upgrades to an even more powerful version of the VQ block. But Edmunds says the two-seater hardtop will focus on luxury, not performance. Odds are pretty darn good that this baby coupe will be a close relative of the new Nissan RWD sport coupe (perhaps wearing the legendary Silvia name) about which many have speculated. Sounds like the Nissan model, with naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, will be far more interesting. But Infiniti's conquest of the luxury world must march forward, even if that means going toe-to-toe with other badly conceived luxury models (cough – 1-Series – cough).

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  • Incitatus Incitatus on Jun 20, 2008

    All, don't forget the hyundai genesis coupe rwd which supposedly is already out (?!?). That car meets most of the criteria: rwd, less than 3000lb, around 20-25k.

  • Nemphre Nemphre on Jun 20, 2008

    The Genesis is not going to weigh less than 3000lbs. It weighs over 3500.

  • Michael Karesh Michael Karesh on Jun 20, 2008

    Sales will be limited for any coupe. The hole I've been begging manufacturers to fill ever since the original IS300 arrived as a Lexus instead of a Toyota: --four doors, even better a hatch --3000 pounds --RWD --225 or so horsepower --$25,000 Who'll deliver it first?

  • Justin Berkowitz Justin Berkowitz on Jun 20, 2008

    @Michael Karesh: I think the IS300 is one of the most undervalued, underappreciated cars out there. They now, as you no doubt are aware, make a fantastic used deal. In terms of your request, I think you'll find that most of us agree with you. But packaging, fuel economy, platform development/sharing cost differences, and the need to sell to people in the Northeast has really cut into that possibility. In reality, I think the modern version of what you describe is the Subaru WRX. It is, however, too damn heavy.