Nevada Prostitutes Hurt by High Diesel Prices

nevada prostitutes hurt by high diesel prices
We've already documented the sad plight of truckers" target="_blank">truckers">truckers struggling to cope with rising diesel prices. Now Newsweek reports that profit-squeezed truckers have cut back on their, uh, entertainment expenses. "According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, diesel on the West Coast now costs $4.87 per gallon. That means truckers could easily spend $1,000 to fill up their tanks, leaving them with little extra cash and less likely to take a detour. For bordello owners, relocating to more central locations is impossible. Under Nevada law, brothels can only operate in counties with fewer than 400,000 residents." For example, The Moonlite Bunny Ranch (a third less Bunny than our regular Ranch?) is a 72-mile round trip from Reno, and none of it via the Interstate. Not to mince words: it's a long haul for a booty call. The Nevada Brothel Owners' Association reports that revenues are down by 45 percent. John McCain's gas tax holiday can't come soon enough. So to speak.
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  • Michael Ayoub Michael Ayoub on Jun 19, 2008

    seoultrain: 4chan FTMFW. ... Sorry.

  • RedStapler RedStapler on Jun 19, 2008

    I could see how the Moonlight Bunny Ranch would be hurting, it is a good 15 miles round trip out of route from US- 395. At the current cost of $1.40-1.90 per mile to operate a semi that is painful. It would be interesting to compare with the receipts of the Wild Horse "Ranch" in McCarran (just east of Mustang) which is just 1 mile of I80. The competition is brutal and the margins are low in long-haul. The poor schmuck in a Swift or Werner truck is only making $30-45k per year, not a lot of disposable income.

  • Minion444 Minion444 on Jun 19, 2008

    We should have gov't subsidies for these types of emergencies!

  • Peaches43701 Peaches43701 on Jan 26, 2009

    i agree that prostituion should be legal,im also looking into going to nevada and opening my own place just for me to service drivers,i will have shuttle service as well,,who wants to help me fund this?