Mitsubishi @ Obtuse, Reveals New Slogan

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
mitsubishi obtuse reveals new slogan

Mitsubishi has decided to challenge Pontiac's slogan "Pontiac is Car" as the world's worst brand slogan. "Drive @ Earth" is Mitsubishi Motors' new catchphrase. The strapline will begin life in Japan and then roll out to the rest of the world. Mitsu's marketeers explain the slogan by pointing out that cars connect us to the earth and Mitsubishi has some cars with four wheel drive. (Shouldn't that be ON Earth, then?) The Japanese automaker also would like us press people to note that a lot of people want to "buy green" these days, so why not a Mitsubishi? (Why not indeed?) The worst part: I'm not making this up. Let's see… "Drive" is more than a bit over-used; it's half of one-fourth of Ford's new motto. The "@" symbol is a useless stab at modern e-vernacular. And "Earth" is as green-BS as it sounds. And where the Hell else are you going to drive, anyway? The slogan says nothing of Mitsubishi, let alone what their cars mean or why you should buy one. Must. Do. Better. Mitsubishi's U.S. sales are down 23 percent in May to 10,430 units. Next time, put th@ in your pipe and smoke it.

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