Dodge Challenger Prices Revealed

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
dodge challenger prices revealed

Chrysler has released the pricing on the new Challenger pony car, one of the worst-timed cars since, well, the first time they introduced the Challenger. The 250hp base SE model will start at a very modest $21,995 including destination. Also modest: the four-speed automatic transmission, likely accountable for the lackluster 18/25 rating, but probably perfectly sufficient given the nature of the V6 car. For that low entry price you also get 17" real alloy wheels and side curtain airbags (side torso not available, of course). The next model up the chain: the Hemi-powered R/T model for a much more expensive $29,995. That puts it right on point with the Charger R/T, not to mention Pontiac's G8 GT. The Challenger R/T packs 370 horses and 394 lb ft of torque, and gives a fairly reasonable and expected 15/23 mpg. It's equipped much like the Charger R/T, including a standard five-speed automatic (a six-speed manual is a $995 option). So, overall, some solid prices at the end of the neo-muscle journey– especially when you factor in the likely $1500 – $2500 rebates that are likely at some point in the next six months (if the company lasts that long).

Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • KixStart KixStart on Jun 09, 2008

    From the original news item, "... new Challenger pony car, one of the worst-timed cars since, ..." Look for GM to surpass this noteworthy accomplishment with the '10 Camaro.

  • NBK-Boston NBK-Boston on Jun 09, 2008
    Also modest: the four-speed automatic transmission, likely accountable for the lackluster 18/25 rating C'mon! The V6 Mustang gets 16/24, and it has a 5 speed automatic transmission. A rating of 18/25 for a pony car seems like a downright accomplishment, given a long-term view. You also have to bear in mind that these numbers are produced by the new, stricter test cycle, which means that most people can hit these numbers in real life. In any event, for a wildly impractical "image car" toy, buying a $22k car that gets fuel economy of 18/25 seems a lot more sensible than shelling out $30k for a "tough looking" SUV that gets 14/20 -- unless you actually go offroad, tow a boat, or carry 4+ passengers for long distances on a regular basis. Heck, I doubt it would appeal to image-concious bi-coastal high-earning urban-dwelling yuppie-types who in my experience all feel compelled to drive around in some sort of BMW 3-series, but I kind of wish it would.
  • SupaMan SupaMan on Jun 10, 2008

    Even with Chrysler in a death spiral, the Challenger looks far more appealing than the Mustang. An 18/25 mileage with a 250hp V6 and a 4 speed? Not mention it's a bigger car than the Mustang which would then translate into more interior space. Wish they could offer the base car with even a 5 speed manual but hey, otherwise it's a great package.

  • JJ JJ on Jun 10, 2008

    I think this car could do well in Europe...Fuel prices have been so high for so long many people just got over it and don't even really care anymore, or rather, choose not to let it affect their car choices too much... Except of course for that it would somehow be stangely overpriced all of a sudden when it got here, that it has a crappy interior, that there's no stig shift option on the V6 and the company will go bust shortly... And most would faint upon entering the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Caliber dealer because of the overwhelming combined smell of the not-good-enough-for-public-transportion-grade interior plastics applied in all of their models... Yay Plastech!