Delta Dawn: Chevy Gets A New Small Car!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
delta dawn chevy gets a new small car

GM's turnaround hoe-down– complete with disastrous May sales numbers– is less than 24 hours away. Ahead of that blessed event, the General's generals are busy shoring-up the company's defenses. Today's preemptive announcement: Chevy's getting a new small car! The General's spinmeisters chose Automotive News [AN, sub] as the PR vehicle of choice: "General Motors will unveil a Chevrolet compact car at an auto show this fall, with production slated to begin early next year, say sources familiar with GM's product program." Whoa! Yes, this pint-sized Hail Mary will be a Delta [platform] queen built in Lordstown, Ohio. The "we don't know if it'll replace the Cobalt" compact car will use GM's new turbocharged 1.4-liter four cylinder global engine– shared amongst Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn, Opel and Daewoo. Ever the [s]unquestioning GM shill[/s] optimist, AN predicts that "the Lordstown plant could build cars for export." Meanwhile, GM's considering bringing the Beat minicar stateside. Pysch! No really. "It isn't definitively on there as a go product," says AM's [s]editors[/s] source, "but there is a lot of inside chatter and it's on the consideration list."

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  • Lprocter1982 Lprocter1982 on Jun 03, 2008

    truthbetold37: That's been the case for the past 15 or 20 years. Same for Ford and Chrysler.

  • Kevin Kevin on Jun 03, 2008
    If the car isn’t as good as a Honda Civic, everyone involved should be fired. Yes but likely GM's guiding market-segmentation philosophy will be "Anyone who makes more than minimum wage should be buying an Impala -- let's make sure they'd never want to be caught dead in this thing". Hence the crap-by-design theme that gave us the Aveo.

  • Simonptn Simonptn on Jun 03, 2008

    "General Motors will unveil a Chevrolet compact car at an auto show this fall, with production slated to begin early next year..." Excuse my ignorance but how is this even possible? Even if this is in production somewhere else in the world how can it be done so quickly? Announcement to production in less than a year? But if the decision was made a long time ago why wasn't it announced before? Someone please enlighten me ... it seems like things don't add up. Is it just BS baffling brains or are they just changing the badge on the grill?

  • Johnster Johnster on Jun 03, 2008

    Oh, great. The Cobalt gets a facelift with new sheet metal and a new name.