Berkowitz' Lincoln MKS Preview

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Our man Berkowitz phoned it in from the Lincoln MKS ride 'n drive. During our brief de-brief, I asked Justin to write tomorrow's review from a woman's perspective. (Readers annoyed by reverse sexism or bad grammar– "the car handled pretty good"– are advised not to click on that link.) No sale. Anyway, Justin reports that the cetacean-snouted sedan is, in reality, a good looking piece of kit. "The too-small tail lights look great," Berk opined. "Almost British." The suspension also earns the pistonhead's plaudits: "It's soft and relaxed yet controlled and… uh… quiet." Props also fall upon the first application of Ford's new 3.7-liter V6, a 270-horse torque-tastic mill. BUT "the six speed transmission ruins it. It never met a higher gear it didn't like. And straight away too." Justin's full review tomorrow.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Guyincognito Guyincognito on Jun 04, 2008

    Licoln needs a real flagship, not a fwd v6 Lexiniticura wannabe. Other than the grill the car doesn't look bad but it still looks alot like the Taurus (and will probably look even more so when the next Taurus comes out). I don't see this being a hit but 36K units seems like a modest sales goal. The greater loss is what it doesn't do for Lincoln. Another grill design, another different direction for the brand, Lincoln is lost and still far from finding its way.

  • Brendino Brendino on Jun 04, 2008

    Since when do different grill designs mean no direction? There was a time when the "family grill" didn't exist, you know...

  • CB1000R CB1000R on Jun 04, 2008

    It's hard to get banned from posting on Jolopnik, yet here I am, banned for speaking ill of the dead. So I love any slam against them. Oh, I propose a Megan-on-Megan smackdown.

  • Blastman Blastman on Jun 04, 2008

    Why does Ford put such "smallish" gauges (tach, speedometer and particularly the small gauges above them like the fuel gauge) on this vehicle? They seem more appropriate to a small cheap subcompact. One also has to consider the buyers of the product. As people age their eyesight isn't as good as younger people. If most of the buyers are over 40, the design of the gauges isn't appropriate to most of your buyers. The crowded numbering on the speedometer doesn't look that great either.