Auto Club Offers Married Gay Couples Free Memberships

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
auto club offers married gay couples free memberships

The Better World Club differentiates itself from other roadside/travel services by dint of its "dedication to preserve the environment." We're talking discounts on hybrid rentals and green hotels/eco-travel; the nation's only bicycle roadside assistance ("service for you and your bicycle up to 30 miles annually with a maximum of two service calls per covered member, per year"), free Carbon Credits with auto insurance, one percent of revenues (gross? net?) donated to environmental cleanup/advocacy and "a unique policy agenda includes supporting state attempts to regulate autos to reduce greenhouse gases." And just in case that isn't politically correct enough– and I'm thinking it is– Better World is now proud to offer married gay couples free membership. "We want to congratulate all the same-sex partners who are taking the big step," says Mitchell Rofsky, BWC President. "We didn't think you'd ever get married!" Don't worry if you're a gay couple in a state without gay marriage, or a breeder. BWC will "even" offer opposite-sex couples the same wedding present. "Gay marriage is good for everyone, so we're including all the June brides… grooms… spouses… whatever!" says Rofsky. In other words, BWC's using gay marriage to generate a fundamentally generic press release to lure media coverage. Mission accomplished.

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  • Beelzebubba Beelzebubba on Jun 24, 2008

    Glad to see that they're "even" including heterosexual newlyweds, too. Most of the gay folks I know want inclusion (equal rights) not special ones. It made me think of a Dolly Parton quote from several years back, when asked by Melissa Etheridge if she supported gay marriage- "I'm all for it! I think y'all should suffer like the rest of us!" Along the same lines, these poor folks just shackled themselves to the married life...the least they deserve is a free membership to some 'Better World Club'. =)

  • Beelzebubba Beelzebubba on Jun 24, 2008

    As for the photo, I'm imagining a scene very similar to the one in "Birdcage" when Nathan Lane shrieks, "Ahhhh! I pierced the toast!"

  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Jun 25, 2008

    Bike flats? I use kevlar liners in my tires. I've rarely ever had a flat since. There is simply too much bad stuff on the roads (natural and man-made) to bother riding without liners.

  • Betterworld Betterworld on Jun 30, 2008

    Generic, huh? If it were so generic, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? I’m a staffer with Better World Club. We wanted to do something to congratulate those who are finally getting married. As our release indicated, we already recognize domestic couples—who we believe are discriminated against by most other auto clubs. But we didn’t want to discriminate to opposite sex couples either, so we extended our offer to all newly committed relationships. But just those. It’s not a cover for a discount for everyone as the posting seems to imply. As to the picture, BuckD, it’s a picture from our home-page that the content creator on this site associated with our release. You can take a better look at it on our home page, And for the people discussing the bicycle service, don’t forget to take into account that ride service is included. If you’re touring the coast and bend your wheel, for example, a lot of riders won’t be able to complete the journey.