The Truth About The Truth About Websites

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
the truth about the truth about websites

Back when I started this site, I decided not to register every "The Truth About" url in the urlniverse. Although I am prone to bouts of megalomania (usually restricted to violent videogames), I knew there was no way I could muster enough energy/focus/moola to effectively run an empire of "truth abouts." I also knew that truth-telling is an inherently difficult and risky business that requires complete commitment. So when Ford launched, it was no biggie. As soon as visitors see it's a Ford site, they know exactly how much objective (i.e. truthy) information they'd discovered. When Audi launched " truth in engineering" as their ad strapline, again, it wasn't a problem. About the most controversial thing about Audi's engineering is how to spell Vorschprung Durch Technik.'s kvetching about ToMoCo's greenwashing was/is more like it. But not quite. And so, now, I'm thinking the new UK website thetruthaboutsmart ain't gonna cut it. Yes, it's a cleverly-written, well-produced website that does an excellent job dispelling common misconceptions (not "rumors" Autoblog) about the under-capitalized fortwo. But net savvy folk know the difference between corporate and independent info. There are a few members of the automotive press corps (e.g. Dan Neil), and a few websites (e.g. Motor Authority) whose truth levels I respect. Which simply proves you don't have to say you're going to tell the truth to do it. But it can't hurt, can it?

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  • Shaker Shaker on May 04, 2008

    The "Smart" UK website is quite clever and entertaining, a perfect "spin machine" for a car that is almost as fast as a Prius, gets almost as good city mileage as a Prius, and has almost 55% of that cargo space of a Prius. But it is darn cute.

  • JJ JJ on May 04, 2008
    Vorschprung Durch Technik. You sure that is spelled right though? I'm not German but I think that's not exactly how our neihbours from Z land of Z Zjermans spell it...

  • AKM AKM on May 05, 2008

    I haven't even looked at the other websites named here. TTAC remains my favorite car website, regardless of possible imitations. I obviously also enjoy Dan Neil and Autoextremist, and am longing for a european car website as irreverent and independent as TTAC. Robert, what games?

  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on May 05, 2008


    What games?

    I'm test driving GT5 at the moment. It's very violent. If those walls and barriers were real, they wouldn't stand a chance.