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image.jpgUnless you're the fastidious type, you might want to avoid driving in Melissa. WFAA reports that police in the Texas town pulled over one Mark Robinson for failure to use his turn signal. The police officer then hauled the 24-year-old to jail where "he was booked, strip searched, and sat for 3 hours." Robinson found himself sitting next to Bubba other dangerous criminals. "They asked me what I was in there for and I said a turn signal violation." Robinson had a clean (to that point) rap sheet and claimed he'd never been jailed before (yeah? what about that faulty taillight thing?). However, Robison does admit that he "challenged" the officer's questions when he was stopped. Still, Melissa's police chief was aghast. "In the 6 years I've been the police chief, this is the first time," says Chief Duane Smith. But he stands behind his officer. "I'm not going to let some little out-of-town asshole punk kid mouth off to my officer. He's lucky I didn't beat the shit out of him." No, I'm kidding. I just made that up. As far as I know.

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20 Comments on “Texas Strip Searches Driver for Failure to Signal a Turn...”

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    he’s just lucky he wasn’t tasered

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    Don’t tase me bro.

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    Be glad he wasn’t in Houston. They would have chased him, unloaded a few clips into him and killed a small child on a bicycle in the process. All while the news copters are filming.

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    “I’m not going to let some little out-of-town asshole mouth off to my officer. He’s lucky I didn’t beat the shit out of him.” No, I’m kidding.

    I was hoping it was true. We can only hope that’s what the chief was thinking. Typically, never a good idea to question/mouth-off to cops, even if every fiber of your being tells you to.

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    Hey, I’m all for ticketing drivers who don’t use their turn signals. It is a violation, and one that is not only irritating, but also potentially dangerous. But we’re talking $50 fine here, not strip search!!

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    If he was black they would of just shot him and claimed they thought he had a gun… and it wouldn’t be deemed newsworthy and you wouldn’t have heard about it.

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    Melissa is well know for being a little bit…anal, shall we say, about traffic stops.

    It wasn’t too long ago when, if you were on Highway 75 traveling through Melissa, you set your cruise at 5 mph BELOW the limit, just in case. The city (or township or whatever it was) was dissolved, but I guess it’s back. Oh boy…

    As evidenced by the discussion yesterday in another comment section, I am a fan of driving the speed limit or at least close to it. I also don’t get mad if I get stopped for exceeding said limits. However, Melissa has a reputation for taking it to the extreme. I have heard (no confirmations) that people have gotten tickets for 1 mph over the limit in a 70 mph zone.

    Every officer I have ever talked to allows at least 3 mph and most of them 5 mph just because of the inaccuracy of speedometers and radar guns. On good friend of mine, who is a cop in Denton, Texas, says when they are running radar on I35, they allow 10 mph over the limit plus 3 mph for radar error. In Melissa, I bet there is still no such “allowance”.

    Of course, we don’t know what was really said during the stop. I wonder what he meant by “challenged”?

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    What do you want to bet that the outraged father was all for this town’s running a speed trap so long as the majority of the people caught were
    “smartass northern Dallas transplants”?

    A slow night at the trap results in a bullshit arrest of his son and all of a sudden the heroes
    who kept local taxes down by fleecing the Big City turn into heels.

    This isn’t to say the cops were right, but that the town’s attitudes were wrong; and it’s bitten them in the butt.

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    John B

    “They asked me what I was in there for and I said a turn signal violation.”

    Straight out of Alice’s Restaurant.

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    Texas has a “table of allowances” for speeding violations. Depending on the limit, you get so many free miles over before you will be ticketed. This applies to towns, also, and they are supposed to use the same standard. Technically, you could fight and win a 1mph over ticket at any speed range.

    The table exists; we were told about it in a safe driving class by a retired DPS officer, but I have not been able to find it anywhere on the internet.

    With the constant drug and alien smuggling traffic through Texas, almost any irregularity can result in a traffic stop. If you act suspiciously, you may be in deep hurt.

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    ..Maybe the officer-in-question was lonely?

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    Reminds me…..late 80’s.

    An OEM Regional Office in the south with a dozen+ factory reps calling on dealers over a multi-state territory.

    The factory reps were livin’ the dream… freedom, open road, company cars, expense accounts, etc.

    And the reps spent a LOT of windshield time driving …fast… from one small country town to another.

    One day one of our hotshot 20-something VP-in-training reps was gunning it from one town to the next when a local cop lights him up for speeding.

    Nothing newsworthy there except he goes Dukes of Hazzard and hits the right pedal instead of the left. Routine speeding ticket turns into high speed police chase.

    Even in a rural area where a lot of folk were still sore over the War of Northern Agression they had radios and they eventually got him. Now it was face-on-the-hood-you-in-a-heap-of-trouble-boy.

    The only folk he knew in those parts were the local small town dealers he called on. (To their credit, most small town dealers are pretty big shooters locally, pillars of the community, etc.)

    And one phone call later …. it never happened. Just went away. Nothing…dude didn’t even get the speeding ticket.

    No one ever would have been the wiser except he came back to the regional office and bragged about it.

    Oh yeah, and that dealer’s suddenly-out-of-control warranty expenses became another story as well.

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    As a few others have mentioned, I’m surprised they didn’t just unload a full clip, reload, and plug a few more into him. They are NEVER held accountable to killing someone anymore. While there are some good cops (I know a few), there are a BUNCH of thugs with badges.

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    On the bright side… I bet he never fails to signal a turn ever again!

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    As a few others have mentioned, I’m surprised they didn’t just unload a full clip, reload, and plug a few more into him. They are NEVER held accountable to killing someone anymore. While there are some good cops (I know a few), there are a BUNCH of thugs with badges.

    That’s just absolute crap. Cops are held accountable all the time for every thing they do. My brother and a few of my friends are cops. You don’t have a clue what their typical day is like, much less one that involves a shooting or any sort of altercation.

    Trust me, the number of “thugs with badges” is very low.

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    I wish he was arrested just for the turning signal violation. I would like to see all the “drivers” that don’t use their turning signals in jail. All of them. It just has gotten to a point of such imbecility that a lot of “drivers” consider the turning signal just a fancy thing put there to annoy them. Send them all to jail. Or better, drop them in Europe (or Mexico for that matter) in a crowded city and force them to drive a car for a week. The natural selection will take care of 90% of them. That’d save me some tax money to pay for the jail time.

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    I think in Ohio (and Michigan), just as soon as you pass your driving test, the examiner breaks off your turn signal lever as a rite of passage.

    I also have concluded that in Michigan, virtually all drivers must become illiterate as quickly as they get behind a wheel, too (because they cannot read S T O P on those odd little octogonal bright red signs). Also, innumerate. (Can’t fathom 55 or 70, think they mean 75 and 95 respectively).

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    RI driving test:

    Q. What does it mean when the right side indicator on the car ahead of you flashes repeatedly?

    A: Nothing.

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    lth: “Be glad he wasn’t in Houston. They would have chased him, unloaded a few clips into him and killed a small child on a bicycle in the process. All while the news copters are filming.”
    Straight out of Cool Hand Luke.

    “If you’re ever in Houston, you better walk right.
    You better not gamble, boy, and you better not fight.
    Well, the sheriff’ll grab you,
    And the boys’ll pull you down.
    And before you know it,
    You’re penitentiary bound.”

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    There was a video on the net a year or so ago where something similar happened to a kid in Missouri. Except you gotta’ figure this kid was looking for trouble since he had a video camera broadcasting the stop to a remote storage device. The cop was a jerk from the beginning and it got worse. While it was somewhat of a set-up, it caught a bad cop. The kid had done nothing wrong to begin with. The video caught the cop first manufacturing a moving violation, which the video clearly indicated had not occurred (turn signal again). Then when the kid calmly and politely told the cop that he had used his turn signal and wanted to know why the cop had pulled him over, the cop started to lose it and yanked him out of the car. The kid pointed out that the incident was being recorded and then the cop started threatening him with bodily injury and some other events that might occur while he was in jail before cuffing him and hauling him off to jail. You know what his chief said? I stand by my officer. He did nothing wrong. Blah, blah, blah.

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