Nissan GT-R Slower 'Round the Ring Than Pagani Zonda F. Just.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
nissan gt r slower 8216 round the ring than pagani zonda f just

Worldcarfans reports that Nissan's new GT-R has logged the second fastest-ever lap time around the infamous "Green Hell." "GT-R chief test driver Tochio Suzuki [ED: how ironic is that?] completed the famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany in just 7 minutes 29 seconds. According to our records, this puts the GT-R in second place for fastest laps by unmodified production cars just behind the Pagani Zonda F which posted a time of 7 minutes and 27 seconds last November. The time completely destroys the GT-R's previous best lap of 7 minutes 38 seconds achieved last year in slightly damp conditions." Not to mention what it does to the Porsche Turbo's rep; a car that "only" laps the the 'Ring in 7:40. All that said, is it fair to compare the U.S. street legal $70k (without markup) GT-R to a Euro-spec-only $741k (ish) car that barely achieves double digit production numbers? In short, who's your Daddy?

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  • Johnson Johnson on May 02, 2008
    thetopdog: I understand your point, but most of those advances you pointed out have more to do with safety and/or basic advances in automotive design. The GT-R probably isn’t any safer, and doesn’t do much to advance automotive design. But the GT-R *IS* safer thanks to all of its electronics and technology. Without that, the chances of crashing would be far higher. The GT-R's electronics and tech improve performance, yet also improve safety by reducing and correcting driver error.

  • Driving course Driving course on May 02, 2008

    Damn... excuse me while I go and cancel my order... another disappointment!

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on May 02, 2008

    The Nordschleiffe is a lot of long straights and sweepers. I'd like to see how these cars do on a highly technical track like Suzuka or Tsukaba of course that's my personal desire, because most of these cars are meant for wide open track use - not small technical stuff, and certainly not autocross (my love).

  • TeeKay TeeKay on May 02, 2008

    cretinx - You may be the first to dismiss the 'Ring for not being technical enough. Anyway, if you want to see how the GT-R performs against the exotics at Suzuka or Tsukuba, then search for "Bestmotoring" on Youtube. Before you dismiss them as biased, nationalistic - with Japanese car on Japanese tracks (you asked for it) driven by Japanese and all - keep in mind that these guys have had only praises for the Porsche in years that I have seen them test cars. Decide for yourself then.