Infiniti to Launch Itsy Bitsy Premium Car (DX?)

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
infiniti to launch itsy bitsy premium car dx

Autoca reports that the new-to-Europe Infiniti brand wants to compete with the BMW 1-series and the Audi A3s of the world in the hot "premium compact" segment. But don't expect a carbon-copy of the German whips, as Autocar hints that Nissan's luxury marque will unleash an entirely unique model on the segment. Speculation has centered around a baby-SUV model (rendered here) that would slot under the new EX35, currently the smallest Infiniti model. But wait, it might be a coupe-cabriolet with a folding hardtop. Actually, Autocar has no idea what the model will look like. But they do know that it will launch in 2010 (as will everything) at a price point around $40k. We'll be checking out forthcoming Infiniti concept cars for hints at the final design of the "Infant-iti." And here's hoping it's not a "small, high-end SUV crossover."

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  • Truthbetold37 Truthbetold37 on May 06, 2008

    This is not true. Trust me.

  • Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar on May 06, 2008
    But they do know that it will launch in 2010 (as will everything) Is 2010 supposed to be like 1958? Will every manufacturer restyle or replace their entire line-up? Because if this recession drones on and sales really begin to tank, 2009 models might be huge bargains. Maybe Dodge will offer $20K off MSRP...of course, for something I still wouldn't buy. But still, it should be bargain heaven for skin flints everywhere!

  • Offroadinfrontier Offroadinfrontier on May 06, 2008

    Maybe this will be the Luxo hatch version of Nissan's new sporty econo-RWD platform?

  • Serpico Serpico on May 07, 2008

    Another ugly Infiniti. No thanks.