E85 Boosters Switch Gears: Corn-Juice Reduces Lung Cancer

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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e85 boosters switch gears corn juice reduces lung cancer

The Dunn County News reports that ethanol boosters have re-energized their alliance with the American Lung Association. "From food to fuel, corn serves many purposes these days," scribe Bruce Dybvik writes. "When processed as ethanol and added to our gasoline, it seems to benefit our breathing, too. According to Bob Moffitt, communications director of the American Lung Association, 'Every flex-fuel vehicle that uses E85 instead of gasoline for a year saves four tons of air pollutants from going into the air, including a lot of greenhouse gasses. Here in Wisconsin, one of the leading sources of air pollution is tail pipe emissions.'" The reduced greenhouse gas claim is the most obvious obfuscation, as E85 gets less mpg than normal gas. But the idea that E85 is "cleaner" than garden-variety (or not) unleaded needs some serious debunking. In 2007, Environmental Science & Technology [ via Scientific American] offered one such an analysis by Stanford University's Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. "Due to its ozone effects, future E85 may be a greater overall public health risk than gasoline," Mark Jacobson's study stated. "It can be concluded with confidence only that E85 is unlikely to improve air quality over future gasoline vehicles."

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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