Volt Birth Watch 39: The Line Forms at the Rear

volt birth watch 39 the line forms at the rear

Those of you in Chicago, Dallas, or Boston who are anxiously awaiting your Chevy Volt can just keep waiting. In an email to the Detroit Free Press yesterday, the Volt's pater familias Bob Lutz revealed that [s]if[/s] when it (finally) goes on sale, it'll be distributed first in California, then in Washington D.C., Florida, New York and "elsewhere on the East Coast." Apparantly the rest of the country gets whatever's left over. However, he warned "that's only current thinking, and the plans could change." Given the rate at which they've changed their minds on everything about the Volt from the styling to the release date, you can count on the final distribution plan looking nothing like he described.

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  • Stein X Leikanger Stein X Leikanger on Apr 08, 2008

    I'd think they would want to build up support services as hubs with associated Volt dealers, in order to provide required assistance during the roll-out. Battery issues alone should provide humorous context to the discussions here.

  • C. Alan C. Alan on Apr 08, 2008

    I would not worry too much about not getting a volt in the mid-west. Chances are, no one will get one anyway.

  • Starlightmica Starlightmica on Apr 08, 2008

    The sales territory limitation sounds like what Toyota did with the 1st-gen Prius years ago. Problem is, it's not 2001 anymore.