NYT Hearts Grand Theft Auto IV

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
nyt hearts grand theft auto iv

So much for moral outrage about the senseless (in a moral sense) violence in the videogame Grand Theft Auto. Well, at least amongst the eggeheads over at The New York Times. Critic Seth "No German Jokes Please" Schiesel hails Grand Theft Auto IV– released today– as "violent, intelligent, profane, endearing, obnoxious, sly, richly textured and thoroughly compelling work of cultural satire disguised as fun." Yeah, I bet it fools a LOT of impressionable kids. Clearly, as before, there's nothing PC about GTA IV (so to speak): "Hardly a demographic escapes skewering. In addition to various Italian and Irish crime families, there are venal Russian gangsters, black crack slingers, argyle-sporting Jamaican potheads, Puerto Rican hoodlums, a corrupt police commissioner, a steroid-addled Brooklyn knucklehead named Brucie Kibbutz and a former Eastern European soldier who has become a twee Upper West Side metrosexual." What, no 'ho's and bitches? Sure! Plenty! Uh, what about cars? Car theft? For that we must await reports from TTAC's Best and Brightest. You soldiers have your orders. Now get the fuck outta here!

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