Jeremy Clarkson Loves Modded 'Vette, Barely Tolerates Americans

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
jeremy clarkson loves modded 8216 vette barely tolerates americans

Our favorite climate change-denying British windbag is up to his old tricks. Recently, Jezza was out in Los Angeles where he was handed the keys to a Callaway Corvette C6. He and a friend took it to Orange County and the El Toro Airbase (where the NBC version of Top Gear is being shot) and then back up to the City of Angels. His verdict? "I absolutely bloody loved it." With 616 horsepower on tap, we're not surprised. But we're not writing this here blog because of hyper Vette. No, we're telling you about Clarkson's review because of this: "When it comes to motoring, the English language makes more sense in Albania than it does in Alabama. Almost every word in the Americans' automotive lexicon is different from ours, so when we talk about motorways, pavements, bonnets, boots, roofs, bumper bars, petrol, coupés, saloons, people carriers, cubic centimetres and corners, they have no idea what we're on about." Hey, he's taking the Mickey! That said, not only do we know what cubic centimeters are, he spelled it wrong. There's lots more piss and vinegar where that came from.

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  • HEATHROI HEATHROI on Apr 25, 2008

    I got the Impression TVR was bankrupt again

  • JTSParts JTSParts on Apr 25, 2008

    My favorite Clarkson American rant was when he was describing the weight of the 650lb outboard motor that he was bolting to the back of his hilux as just slightly heavier than the average American! LOL.

  • CarShark CarShark on Apr 26, 2008

    Clarkson is a disgusting example of modern humor. Insult people, countries or nationalities, then say "Just kidding", as though that's supposed to make everything alright. The only thing worse than that are the anti-Americans (especially anti-American Americans) that say he's harmless. When he's talking about cars, he's an eloquent ambassador of car loving culture to the world. When he's making fun of people, however, he's just another drunk at the pub: nothing he says makes sense or should be said in anything resembling polite company.

  • 2ronnies1cup 2ronnies1cup on Jun 17, 2011

    I believe the biggest UK car manufacturer is Reliant - the company that builds cars that only have four wheels if you count the spare.