Four-Cylinder C-Class Coming to the U.S. Again.

four cylinder c class coming to the u s again

By now you might have heard from Autoblog or Edmunds' Inside Line the shocking, incredible news that Mercedes is developing a blown 4-banger in the C-Class for sale here in the U.S. I say good. Apparently some "other" blogs have forgotten that Mercedes has, until this latest generation, always offered a 4-cylinder engine in the C-Class in the U.S. The last generation had a supercharged 1.8 and a supercharged 2.3 at different times. Before that there was the C230 Kompressor in the first-generation C, as well as the C220 and C230. And of course the original baby Benz, the 190E was named for its little 4 pot, as well as the 190E 2.3. So now that we've got the history out of the way, is this a smart business idea? Hell yes. Buyers of entry luxury cars tend to be wary of running costs — that include fuel consumption — and then there's the importance of appeasing the CAFE gods. Not to mention,there's something nice about a luxury car focused on ride, rather than keeping up with the Joneses (and the Hondas). If/when it debuts, expect the blown 1.4 liter to make 150-170 horses and to come with Benz's 7-speed auto.

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  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Apr 04, 2008

    @Paul Niedermeyer The extra power doesn’t mean less economy either, since the higher boost only kicks in under full throttle, and not on the EPA testing cycle. It doesn't mean less economy in the EPA testing cycle... however it does mean less economy in reality... whoever cares for reality.

  • Mrb00st Mrb00st on Apr 04, 2008

    honestly for fuel economy a direct-injection turbo engine makes a lot more sense. Even when you're cruising on the highway in 7th gear at super-low RPMS, that supercharger is creating drag and sucking up power and fuel.

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Apr 04, 2008

    @NICKNICK i would love a (four-cylinder) RWD something... ...and, you know, if they could make it howl like a Triumph Speed Triple, i’d be happy with a 3-cyl celica. I think you would like a Smart Roadster. Small, light, RWD, and with a nice three-cylinder howl. Excellent seats, too. Mileage in the mid-40s with a heavy foot. @JJ …I doubt that they will design a new 1.4 with a very similar HP output, I think Mercedes will take the easy option and just make the 1.8 available for the US as well. I also doubt that. They have a newly designed 156hp 1.6 they call the "C180 BlueEfficiency". That's the one my money would be on. Anyway… a diesel 4 cylinder has been offered in both the E39 and still is in the E60/61. That's a sweet engine btw, and increasingly popular. 8 seconds 0-60 and a 46 mpg European rating is not too shabby in a 5er.

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Apr 07, 2008

    '91-'94 I regularly travelled the Italian Autostrada at speeds 100 mph to 125 mph with a bone stock SOHC VW 1.8L 90HP engine. This was a US spec engine, not some German-spec black magic special. Don't need a 4.0L V-6 or some V-8 to run around America unless I'm towing (I still do that with a 150HP Honda 4-cylinder).