Chrysler's DSG Transmission Debuts… Internationally

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
chryslers dsg transmission debuts 8230 internationally

That's right, today Chrysler sent out a press release announcing the introduction of its six-speed dual clutch transmission (a la VW's DSG), developed jointly with Getrag. Chrysler reports that it will "provide consumers with a fuel economy improvement and CO2 emissions reduction by 6%." The new cog swapper's going in the Avenger, Sebring and Journey in international markets, initially paired with a 2.0-liter diesel engine. Wait a second… we don't have that 2.0-liter oil burner in the United States. Does "international markets" mean "places that aren't North America?" Why yes, it does! Chrysler's biggest and most important market is not getting the dual clutch transmission from the git-go. But don't kvetch. Were you really considering buying a Sebring anyway? I didn't think so.

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  • Tundraman Tundraman on Apr 15, 2008

    I'm sorry but I really don't care what site says what about any transmission of what anyone built because I don't frankly trust much of what and anything I see nowadays anyways. Many times we find out somebody is covering for someone. Its this simple I worked for a Chrysler dealer I was for many years a certified tech, I'm a certfied master tech for over 15 years and have been a mechanic for over twenty five years BOTTOM LINE!

    If you don't "know" anyone that has gotten a Dodge or Chrysler trans done then let me say it softly too you (YOU HAVE A VERY SMALL CIRCLE OF FREINDS!!) 604 is a number I will remember to the day I die!! That tranny is still too this day they're nightmare! I used to fight tooth and nail with the idiot reps that would come down and write up a warranty claim! What the customer had to endure is discusting!

    I am personaly very happy with Chryslers present condition, they did it too themselves! They cut our flat rate times down so much hows a guy to make a living fixing they're screw ups!!!Under warranty no less!!Talk too anyone who has a 2500 Dodge truck with about 72k on it, ya I dear ya and keep in contact with him and see how his anger grows with the truck!! All you have to do if you really want too know whats up is look up the TSB's for any of the trannys that they make!! Put on your seatbelt because you will have litteraly a full BOOK TOO READ!!! And for you people trying to compare a Japanese car to American....don't dare write them down till you actualy work on them! You can't even dare to compare a Subaru to a Ford! Subaru WILL STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCT!!

    I've worked for many dealerships over the years between Chrysler and Ford and nowadays I stay with Toyota Honda Subaru. I'll admit that its a little scary going with NIssan but with an American CEO what can you expect (greed first customer satisfaction 30th!)The ease in which a Japanese car comes apart for any service can't be beat. They are the ones that put disc brakes on cars when the US cars wouldn't do it until the car went up a couple options (LS, GS etc...)

    Why do you think market share has shifted so much? Are you going too sit there and tell me that people now pay as much as 3k more for a japanese car because the car is cheaper (doesn't make any sence). They pay more because they don't want the headaches!! How come you don't hear those stupid commercials anymore like "At Ford quality is job one" Because its a joke!! Nobody beleives it anymore!

    I bought a Toyota and a Subaru....and why? Because I don't have time to work on my own cars! I want something I can leave alone for more than 15k All my Subaru's lasted over 215k. I actually sold them to people that WANTED THEM!!!!! Any of my Ford vehicles I refused to sell too people I new because as well as I took care of them I didn't want anyone mad at me, and even those that bought them I warned up front loud and clear!!

    If you really know cars I'll throw a Ford trans number out there that will strike fear AXOD if you have a Sable or Taurus you know that number!! Ya how many times did you meet your trans man!! Steering racks / engine mounts (fluid filled) body mounts. Oh ya gotta love those freeze out plugs eh????

    I could litteraly go on for hours with facts that would scare you but this is actually getting me upset from the crap I endured working on these garbage vehicles! BUY HONDA , Toyota and Subaru if you want a higher than average happy result in your purchase, and a few companys that stand behind what they sell!!

  • Tundraman Tundraman on Apr 15, 2008

    windswords: I gotta say I heard all those things you wrote years ago. True many things that you wrote but sorry the facts are a lot different. I worked on these cars and was there for the tragedys. I know all about the storys of Chrysler trying to throw it back on customers about Dextron 3 etc,.The facts though don't back what we went through all those years. I personaly met and had to "calm down" a woman who was set to launch a lawsuit on Chrysler corp right after her car did the 604 downshift deal.She was bleeding from her head going into the windsheild at about 42mph when she was slammed into her steering wheel and windsheild. If you truly know and mechanics that read these forums out there you know what I'm taking about here.... the 604 then YOU will tell me...yes you will explain to all of us why this happened (I know why and I know what we did too fix it) The reason discusted me and many of my fellow techs. This was inexuseable!What happened to inspection of parts??? An First off the 604 didn't even exist with Iaccoca...I don't know where that came from. The technoligy didn't exist yet. It was thought of just as years earlier antilock brakes and binary and even singular online comunication between computers was thought of. And yes it was the Chrysler New Yorker that got several engineering depts in trouble when Chrysler introduced a trans computer and ABS working together (can't tell you how I know that but I know all the details personaly what happened with that).I've been around a long time in the automotive industry.I get very angry I'm sorry too all because I was a buy American first guy, I really was but in the mid 80's the guys and myself were starting to look around in discust. We watched Ford Chrysler and GM put out stuff that was just pathetic while the Asian market was going leaps and bounds. I would look at the chinsy computers in Honda's and they never needed new processors! GM please!! Gotta E-prom was a regular statement at a GM counter. Mass airflow sensors!! Anyone with a Camaro or firebird back then remembers (tap it and it would run better right in front of ya!!) Alternators in GM products??? Might as well keep and extra in the trunk!! Gotta go I'm getting depressed again.

  • Jurisb Jurisb on Apr 15, 2008

    Mu question would be- What do you mean by joint venture gearbox with getrag/? What is the Chrysler`s share? i somehow believe that it was 100% german Getrag built and chrysler made a factory where to stamp it. Am I wrong? Anyone?

  • Y2kdcar Y2kdcar on Apr 15, 2008

    Tundraman : ... If you really know cars I'll throw a Ford trans number out there that will strike fear AXOD if you have a Sable or Taurus you know that number!! Ya how many times did you meet your trans man!! Steering racks / engine mounts (fluid filled) body mounts. Oh ya gotta love those freeze out plugs eh???? I've owned three of these cars -- a Taurus and two Sables -- and never had a transmission problem with any of them. #1 was a 1989 Taurus with the AXOD. It still shifted perfectly when I sold it with 127,000 miles on it. The other two are Sables with the Duratec engine and AX4N automatic (an evolution of the AXOD, beefed up to handle the horsepower and torque of the SHO engines). #2 is a '99 with 107,000 miles on it and #3 is a '00 that just rolled past 99,000. Both of them also shift perfectly. The key is to maintain them as the manufacturer recommends, making sure to use the right kind of ATF.