Bremen Imposes Speed Limit On The Autobahn

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
bremen imposes speed limit on the autobahn

Citing environmental concerns, state Environment Minister Rainer Loske has enacted a plan to limit Bremen's section of the Autobahn to 120 km/h (about 75 mph). Loske reckons that the speed limit will cut tailpipe emissions by five percent. In the future, the limit would [somehow] reduce emissions by 15 percent. I think Garfield (the cat, not the dead president) put it best: "Big fat hairy deal." As one of TTAC's most environmentally conscious contributors (i,e, " a perfect example of a hypocritical hyper-car loving tree hugger"), let me be the first to condemn this idiotic bullshit misguided mandate. Bremen could achieve the same greenhouse gas reductions by stipulating that drivers keep their tires properly inflated. Also, how much is this limit actually saving if it turns a two-hour trip into a three-hour journey? My guess? Not much. The good news: Bremen only has jurisdiction over 60 km of Autobahn. If you were traveling at 300 km/h, it would take just five minutes to surmount. Sigh… The limit goes into effect today, April 9, 2008. How do you say "slippery slope" in German?

Jonny Lieberman
Jonny Lieberman

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  • Threeer Threeer on Apr 09, 2008

    rutschiger Abhang? Maybe... Anyway, yeah, there are many stretches of Autobahn that are limited already. The drive from to Stuttgart from Karlsruhe along the A8 has many sections that are limited to 130 km/h (I spent many years living in and working around that area). Still, there are also several stretches where one can ring the living bejeebers out of a car, if one so desires. A 5% reduction is all well and good, but as others have said, this appears more politically motivated than anything else and doesn't fundamentally alter the current driving conditions in Germany.

  • Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez on Apr 09, 2008

    So some Euro wanting to save the planet by reducing the speed limit is an idiot, but those rednecks in West Texas with their 80 mile an hour speed limits are gun toting, Bush loving, planet hating idoits. Makes sense.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Apr 09, 2008

    When you are travelling at 250km/hr you are burning a lot of fuel per km and producing corresponding huge amounts of greenhouse gasses. Often you will make better time travelling slower and not needing to stop for fuel. The German politicians book down the Autobahn at high speed with big V8 cars and a blue flashing light on the roof. Like most of the AGW gang they apparently consider the reduction of greenhouse gasses does not pertain to them.

  • Red.66mustang Red.66mustang on Apr 09, 2008

    Slippery slope (road) in German is: Schlitter bahn