TTAC Photochop: New Ferrari "Dino"

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii

After months of playing hide and seek with the carparazzi, the Italians are finally (intentionally or not) losing the game. "Sneak peaks" are all over the web. Although the new model is only 33 percent official, we’ll probably be seeing the baby Ferrari this autumn in Paris. As every new horse-badged Italian makes pistonheads blue with anticipation, I've used the photochopping dream machine to ease their… minds. We known the "Dino" (which was its own brand way back when) will be a front-engined coupe, based on a Maserati platform, positioned somewhere between the Grantourismo and the F430. I went for a mixture of retro lines and high-tech accents. I think that's the essence of Ferrari: an illustrious heritage continuously enriched with the latest technological achievements. To connect the design with its “Dino” roots, I used the hood tri-opening vents from the original. To complete the picture, I’ve added the required amount of Maranello red. Andiamo bella!

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Andrei Avarvarii
Andrei Avarvarii

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  • Orian Orian on Mar 25, 2008

    Excellent job! I like it.

  • Queensmet Queensmet on Mar 25, 2008

    Looks suspiciously like a 240Z from the 70's. This is not bad. A good design is a good design.

  • JTH JTH on Mar 25, 2008

    It will be interesting so see just how close you are when the real one is introduced. I like it. Wish I could afford it!