TTAC Correction: Ford Says SYNC Ads Not Microsoft's Decision

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac correction ford says sync ads not microsofts decision

So I get an email from Ford PR man Alan Hall re: " Microsoft To Launch Sync-based In-Car Advertising." Our previous blog post (based on a C/Net article) summarized plans voiced by the GM of Microsoft's Automotive Business. Martin Thall was discussing the possibilities of in-car advertising in general. Our headline and lead mislead readers into believing that these plans necessarily involved Ford's SYNC system. Ford's flackmeister pointed-out that SYNC is Ford's baby. The Blue Oval Boyz will decide whether or not to allow in-car advertising on their version of Microsoft's automotive operating system platform, not Bill Gates' minions. We apologize for leaving the wrong impression about the "ownership" of the possibility of advertising on SYNC-equipped Fords– which Hall wouldn't rule out. "We may have ads on SYNC at some point," Hall said in a telephone interview. "Everything's on the table." Glad that's cleared up. [NB: the original post has been amended to remove the word "Ford" from the headline and lead.]

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  • Shaker Shaker on Mar 10, 2008

    I can understand the appeal of this stuff, when what used to be "driving pleasure" in what used to be "winding road heaven" now consists of looking at the back of an Expedition between red lights at strip malls.

  • Rick Rick on Mar 10, 2008

    SunnyvaleCA: Up until a couple years ago, one of my toys was an 89 Riviera. Talk about ancient-looking graphics! I miss that car.

  • on Mar 12, 2008
    Did Mr. Hall (full disclosure — a very nice guy that I enjoy drinking with) mention that Sync is only exclusive to Ford for (from what I hear) 18 months? After that, Micro$oft can start sticking it in other makes… Fiat had the same Microsoft technology BEFORE Ford did.

  • Kevinb120 Kevinb120 on Jun 03, 2008

    You seem to forget this enables you to do things WITHOUT your hands leaving the wheel. Even after 500k miles without an accident in a car or on a bike(with hardly a mile below the speed limit outside of traffic), I still keep my hands in the 10-2 even in regular driving in traffic. With SYNC, I put a few thousand songs on a USB thumb drive, and make my entire 35 minute commute without ever touching the stereo. The SYNC, volume, and phone are all handled by my right thumb on the wheel....