This Is Your Brain on Diesel. Any Questions?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
this is your brain on diesel any questions

Today is not diesel's day. Not only is the stuff expensive, it's bad for you, too. The Motor Authority reports that Dutch scientists have discovered that diesel fumes stress the brain. The boffins have (apparently) known for some time that teeny-tiny particles of diesel soot can go up your nose and lodge in your brain. (I will go on the record saying I did not know that.) Though our scientists friends were aware of the itty-bitty petrochemical chunks getting crammed in our noggins, no one had figured out whether it was bad or meh (you know it ain't good). So they stuck ten volunteers in a room filled with diesel fumes and monitored their crania. After 30 minutes, the volunteers' brains displayed signs of "stress." What does that mean? “It is conceivable that the long-term effects of exposure to traffic nanoparticles may interfere with normal brain function and information processing.” Yeah, so says… hang on, what were we talking about?

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  • Fallout11 Fallout11 on Mar 14, 2008

    This is like arguing with Hawaiians over the popularity and advantages of Spam.....

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Mar 14, 2008

    I suppose "no one" eats Spam either? Are you a Yogi Bera fan by any chance? As penitence for your hyperbole, thou must travel to Austin, Minnesota. Once there, thou must throw oneself on the steps of the Spam Museum, and beg forgiveness from the Makers at Hormel. Do not return until thou hast fully grokked the wonder that is Spam.

  • Fallout11 Fallout11 on Jun 20, 2008

    Follow-up: As of today, diesel is selling for nearly 20% more per gallon (national average) than regular unleaded gasoline here in the US. On top of the extra cost of the diesel in the first place, and now rampant depreciation of these same models in the face of expensive diesel. See Ed Neidermeyers recent piece on the slow death of diesel in the face of these new realities.

  • Snuder Snuder on Mar 05, 2009

    A big problem is the smell.I live in close proximity to the driveway next door , and in warm weather when my neighbor starts up his diesel truck I have to run and close all the windows or have my house filled w/ those lovely diesel fumes which seem to linger on for awhile.He warms his engine for 5-15 mins each time. At least I know when to do the emergency" run and shut" as the noise from the quite loud engine gives him away every time. Maybe less fuel consumption and less greenhouse gas, but stinky all the same!!!