New Volkswagen Passat CC and Scirocco

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

There's a passel of Passat pictures and videos from VW out today, and a Scirocco shot or six. So we've bundled them together for convenience sake. First up: two videos of the new Passat CC sedan (you remember, the Passat-based Mercedes CLS lookalike) which include a fair number of interior shots. On the go, it looks pretty good. If VW doesn't muff the pricing, the CC should prove chi-chi. Secondly, Volkswagen has a bunch of "feel the heritage" pictures of the new Scirocco with a first generation 1970s Scirocco. I still think Vw blew it with the Scirocco (so to speak). It should have been a fun, light $18k car with VW's 1.4 liter TSI engine (turbo'd and supercharged); a competitor to the Scion tC. At least the Portuguese VeeDub does look better in these images than in the original media set. Why do the rear seats completely destroy rearward visibility though? Looking at all these pictures and videos gives a good perspective on where VW is right now: lost. They're doing a GM-grade job of selling extremely similar products next to one another. Why not just take the better looking of the two and sell ONLY that one?

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Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • CarShark CarShark on Mar 14, 2008
    No Eos, to close to the Passat. @yournamehere: Those two cars aren't even remotely close to each other. At least you could call the Eos the Passat convertible, since they share...most everything. And why kill the GTI? It's the daddy of all hot hatches. Practical performance. I think the Scirocco is the odd man out. It seems to me that VW is almost ashamed of their past. I don't know about you guys, but when I think of Volkswagen, I think of inexpensive, well-made practical small and mid-sized cars that can be quite fun. The old Beetle. The Rabbit. The Fox. The push upmarket just seems a bit unwarranted to me.
  • Cyril Sneer Cyril Sneer on Mar 14, 2008

    Why the Sebring headlights on the CC?

  • Davejay Davejay on Mar 14, 2008

    Well, the pictures have certainly improved my view of the Scirocco -- I now want the 1970's one more than ever. And if I want the new Scirocco stateside, all I need to do is purchase a Volvo C30, so that's good news as well.

  • SherbornSean SherbornSean on Mar 15, 2008

    I don't get VW. They keep talking about being a value brand in the US and attacking Toyota. Meanwhile, every new product takes them further upscale. They should hire yournamehere as chief of US product planning. He'd do much better than anyone in the past 20 years.