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sidebar-logo.jpgRocking-up at the Oklahoma City International (?) Auto Show, I asked a GM spokesperson about the upcoming electric gas plug-in Chevrolet Volt. "We have been instructed to not discuss the Volt too much, but to steer people interested in it to the newly released hybrids because we want them to focus on those released products, and not on the concept that might not make it to production soon." After being steered towards said hybrids, I gathered quotes from a few Oklahomans. Tim W. from Edmond: "Are you F-ing nuts? I wouldn't pay that much for a Yukon!" Addison M. from Edmond (11 years old): "Mom, it looks ugly." (refering to the Yukon). Michelle S. from Moore: "The Acura looks better, feels better, and still gets better mileage" (Acura TSX v Saturn Aura Greenline). And Topper M. from Norman: "What the hell is a Volt?" Obviously, this wasn't a scientific sample. But it looks like GM PR has its work cut out promoting its eco-friendly cars with Mr and Ms Middle America.

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    “We have been instructed to not discuss the Volt too much, but to steer people interested in it to the newly released hybrids because we want them to focus on those released products, and not on the concept that might not make it to production soon.”

    A car that will never be hyped up to push people to the lame hybrids they sell now.

    “Are you F-ing nuts? I wouldn’t pay that much for a Yukon!”

    I wonder what the reaction for a $50,000 Volt will be when/if it finally comes out. Does anyone think version-2 will come out if the first one doesn’t sell, this is GM remember.

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    law stud

    What can I say that has not been already said about the shape of GM?

    Volt will eventually come, but it be will far less than promised.

    If GM had any balls they would just pull the EV1 back out, oops they sold the patents on the battery pack to a company that is now owned by Texico! Way to go big oil!

    GM is pushing an inferior car. The EV1 already had a range extended designed for it (an engine in a trailer), but was rejected by GM management.

    What about all those demonstration cars I’ve seen. I saw 2 race cars on a future car show that were from GM. They were running on diesel going 120mph and averaging 100mpg at that speed!

    GM is all about incrementalism. Goodbye you planned obsolescence cesspit.

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    So let me get this straight, after all the hype about the Volt that GM continues to spew out, GM spokespeople have been instructed NOT to discuss the Volt? The same Volt that has already been shown in a commercial?

    GM will never change it seems.

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    I was sorely disappointed the Volt was not on display at the show.

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    GM’s concept cars just shows us that they know HOW to build a beautiful vehicle but that they just won’t…

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    Look up the EFIJY Holden concept car. Beautiful!

    So, would a basic body shell cost any more than a $25K sedan? Would a decent interior cost anymore than a typical sedan? So on, and so forth…

    BMW did a great retro car with the same distinction as the EFIJY with the Mini. Why not GM?

    Sedan deliveries…
    Updated mid-50’s Chevies..
    40’s sedans…
    30’s convertibles…

    The possibilities are endless.

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    The Acura TSX has better gas mileage than the Saturn Aura Greenline? Since when? According to their websites, the TSX gets 20/28 with an automatic, while the Aura Greenline gets 24/32. That’s a pretty substantial difference.

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    That was her quote, not mine! I corrected her, and she replied with: “well, the EPA always lies.”

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    “Oklahoma City International (?) Auto Show”
    It’s “International” because there are cars from overseas. And it sounds classier.

    Oklahoma City likes that theme. Its airport is called Will Rogers World Airport. And a traveler can go anyplace in the world from there–once he’s flown to an airport that has international flights.

    There are three big air facilities in OKC: Will Rogers, Wiley Post Airport, and Tinker Air Force Base. All three are named for individuals who died in airplane crashes. Not that there’s anything wrong about that.

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    Mike: Well, I guess people will believe what they want to believe.

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    Jonathon, That lady trusts Honda more than GM thinks the EPA will lie to make GM look good. That is a huge problem for GM.

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