Microsoft To Launch In-Car Advertising

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
microsoft to launch in car advertising

C/Net reports that it all starts innocuously enough: upgraded navigation systems with live, local updates. Next, Mircosoft will offer "points of interest" navigation to local businesses and attractions featuring fresh information on products, prices etc. And then… in-car advertising. We're talking pop-up ads on your navigation, free mp3 downloads when you stop at a Starbucks, and anything else Bill Gates' boffins can think of to suck the cash out of your wallet. While web-based ads are unlikely to inspire immediate action (i.e. significant click-through revenue), the head of MS' Automotive Unit says in-car advertising's worth will be "measured in dollars." Martin Thall reckons that's because the driver is out of the house and more likely to follow through on the ad's suggestions. Because after all, you're just driving. You've got plenty of attention to spare. Especially when it means 35 cents off your next Frappuccino.

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  • Kevin Kevin on Mar 08, 2008

    OK, I admit I happen to be susceptible to advertising for innovative new beef- and cheese-based fast food products. I'm the victim here. If this in-car advertising happens, it'll not only be annoying but I'll soon weigh 400 lbs.

  • Raast Raast on Mar 08, 2008

    Good grief! I troubleshoot Microsoft products for a living. Keep the stuff outta my car - if you put it in there, I don't want it. It will bring a whole new meaning to "drive-by exploit".

  • Blautens Blautens on Mar 08, 2008

    If you actually read the article, the imagined ads are in lieu of paying a subscription fee for services such as traffic updates/navigation/Internet access. So for free connectivity, you would see ads on the nav screen - pay and they go away. And it's all quite vaporware, as this imaginary scenario is for a car capable of connecting to some OTA network, which does not exist, and this version of Sync is not capable of connecting to even if said network did exist. Our current version of Sync still offers tremendous function and value for a very low price, and is not in danger of being a conduit for advertisement.

  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Mar 09, 2008

    After Ford PR provided new information, we have removed the word "Ford" from this story. We've changed the headline from: Microsoft To Launch Sync-based In-Car Advertising to: Microsoft To Launch In-Car Advertising and the first sentence from: C/Net reports that it all starts innocuously enough: upgraded Sync-based navigation systems with live, local updates. to: C/Net reports that it all starts innocuously enough: upgraded navigation systems with live, local updates. For a full explanation, please see our correction here.