Autoweek Predicts Jaguar and Land Rover's Future…

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
autoweek predicts jaguar and land rovers future 8230

…and yet they're not on a plane to Vegas or ringing-up their stockbroker. Anyway, the mag's posted a roadmap of Jaguar and Land Rover's (JLR) product plans for the next umpteen years. Oh, one qualification: Tata has only committed to follow Autoweek's guide for the next five years. Might I remind everyone that the Indian automaker has guaranteed Ford it will follow JLR's five-year plan. And it will… right until it doesn't. Anyone who thinks Ford knows how to run JLR for the next five years should look at the last five years. Or ten. And I'm sure Tata's done that due diligence. The only Autoweek prognostication you can reasonably expect to deliver 100 percent truthiness is the arrivals of the new, 5.0-liter V8; the engine's development is nearly done. Autoweek estimates that the new powerplant will stump-up a reasonable 380 horses in naturally-aspirated form and nearly 500 when supercharged (the latter being a little optimistic). And without a doubt, this engine is bound for Jags and Range Rovers alike. (Well, duh.) Otherwise, the real vision for Tata's future are in Ratan Tata's brain, and he ain't sayin' nothing. Yet.

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  • Jthorner Jthorner on Mar 27, 2008

    I like the "LXF" concept. The market for premium small cars in the US and other places is going to explode, and once again the 2.8 have nothing cooking there.

  • Guyincognito Guyincognito on Mar 27, 2008

    Why is 500 hp from a supercharged 5.0L V8 optimistic? That should be easy to achieve without cranking the boost over 6-8psi. Oh and Jaguar is doomed.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Mar 27, 2008

    Its not optimistic, it could very well be understated in traditional British fashion. I wanna know if this is the same 5.0 as the "Hurricane" V8 that will grace the F150, Mustang, etc in a year or two.

  • Argentla Argentla on Mar 27, 2008

    People have been talking about the supposedly imminent F-type since William Lyons was still in charge of Jaguar. It hasn't happened yet, and I'll believe it when I see it.