American Axle's CEO Dick Dauch Paid $7M in 2007

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
american axle s ceo dick dauch paid 7m in 2007

It's been almost a month since the United Auto Workers (UAW) went on strike against American Axle (AA). The news that American Axle CEO Dick Dauch's pay package totaled over $7 million last year (not including estimated value of stock option grants or projected pension values) won't help management's negotiating position one whit. The Detroit Free Press reports that Dauch's '07 compensation included $5.6m in stock awards (more than double what he received in 2006) plus a $1.47m base salary, up 9.6 percent from 2006. "How can you expect us to keep giving when they just keep getting more?" UAW member Harry Jemkort asked. "It's just throwing another log on the fire for us to say we'll stay out here, we're going to fight." Yes, well, keep in mind that Dauch's $7m package represents a 9.2 percent cut from his '06 compensation (which included a $3.9m cash bonus). Unless you figure in what he might get from stock options, assuming the UAW workers settle or AA goes south of the border.

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  • on Mar 25, 2008

    When Dauch bought American Axle they were very near bankruptcy. He was the man who made them the profitable company they became.

  • Potemkin Potemkin on Mar 25, 2008

    To the guys knocking union workers, have any of you actually worked on an automotive assembly line. Are you aware that the target efficency for assembly workers is that they be working at least 55 minutes out of every hour. You do the math on how much time that is between jobs if the rate is 72 jobs per hour. Oh by the way assemblers can't go to the washroom or get a coffee or surf the net whenever they want. They are tied to the line and have to request relief to get off the line. Bottom line is they earn what they get. If you think it's an easy big paycheck why not sign up. To those knocking unions ask yourself if you would be making what you earn if it were not for unions negotiating good pay and benefits for their membership. Most of us owe our pay rate to the guys on the shop floor. The higher the workers get paid the more the supervisor is paid and it flows on up the ladder.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Mar 26, 2008

    Potemkin, No, I never worked on an auto line, but I have been on them, I know people who worked on them, and I grew up working with my dad on an extrusion plastics line. The first dozen or so years of my career, I had worse conditions at lower pay. Even the first half dozen years after getting my degree at a top university, I still made less than a UAW member. I paid my dues by taking risk, putting up with BS, being cheated by employers, and learning. Now I can make much more than a UAW worker in much better conditions. I would bet dollars to donuts most of them would want their UAW job back after a few months at any job I ever had. Having been a salesman or consultant for the last dozen plus years I doubt many of them would ever put in the effort to get to this level. If I had gone on strike when I was cheated out of pay, I would never have made it to the second year of a sales job - EVER. Get over it man. The biggest problem with most UAW jobs is the UAW and the whole union mindset. There are no guarantees. The hardest thing about making a good living is finding the good jobs at the good companies and doing what it takes to succeed and keep them. Working hard and doing a good job is only a small part of the equation, and the easiest part by far.

  • K7t266a K7t266a on Mar 28, 2008

    I have been in the forging industries for 15yrs+. These union morons forge net shape gears or rather should I say the ROBOT runs them. They make ring gears, spline yokes and near net gears, that is the bulk of it. Im not even talking about Cheektowaga but the forge. Those idiots got no idea what real work involves, heck my 1st paycheck didn’t even break 200.00 I started at 5.25. Some of them CRY BABIES were bringing home 100,000 + like die setters. As for skill please very easy to do. Its work but it isn’t rocket science people. I afford them no sympathy for the greed or stupidity. It was my choice if I wanted to work there or NOT. I didn’t deserve it nor do they. HA as for programming a robot it’s like playing a video game. I can 'hot' mod positions and add functions with the best of them. Robots nowadays are VERY easy to work with. Generally I can show someone how to do the above with average intelligence in 4 HOURS!!! I wonder how many of them peons drive imports?? Imports are cancer which is slowly killing the auto industries and before any of you simple minded beings reply you had better do some research on the subject. Its easy to boot out the obvious which is inevitable but REALLY look at what’s happening. I have a task for you wagging finger naysayer’s, you Americans that drive imports. Pick a day any day it matters less but while you’re out there driving and you pass a person of Asian descent you make a note of what there driving. Were being rotted out from the inside out. Those Chinese, Japanese are more loyal to there homeland than we are right here in our very own HOUSE OF THE USA!!! SLAPPED!!!!!!