Where's MY Ford Euro-Focus Folding Hardtop Convertible?

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes
wheres my ford euro focus folding hardtop convertible

Yet another example of what is wrong in Detroit has been released by Ford: the Euro-only Ford Focus hardtop convertible. Yes, that apple of American pistonhead desires, the European Focus, has yet another svelte form. With excellent interior quality, clean lines and crisp handling, this Pininfarina-built coupe looks to be yet another gem for Ford Europe. Sadly, we’re left out in the cold on this side of the pond; there's no market for a great compact car/coupe/convertible in America– or so Ford says. Or if there is, they can't build it here (as in Mexico) and sell it at a profit. Still, you can console yourself that you can get your cretaceous-era American Ford Focus with Sync. But even that may not make you as happy as the Mazda3 driving next to you. That Verve better be good…

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  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Feb 06, 2008
    “Merkur, the German word for Mercury” No it isn’t. The German for Mercury is “Quecksilber”. Trust me, I’m a chemist for a German chemical company! I think its the planet Mercury not the metal, but I don't speak German so thats a guess. They were everything people run away from. Odd looking, unreliable, expensive to buy and keep running and terrible resale value. I don't remember this from the one owner I knew had one at the time, they loved it and spoke highly of it. And the fer times I rode in it I was impressed, very upscale looking, you never would have thought it came from Ford.

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Feb 07, 2008

    @Ingvar Why don’t you buy a Volvo C70? It is basically the same car. It's on the same platform, but there are some key differences: 1) Focus has the suspesion tuned for handling, Volvo for comfort and numbness 2) Volvo has a much more clever and expensive three-piece hardtop, Focus only 2-piece 3) Price: The cheapest Volvo C70 costs 50% more than the cheapest Focus CC.

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Feb 07, 2008

    @whatdoiknow1 Do we not expect to pay less for the Focus than the Mazda? Funny how the Mazda is considered the cheapo alternative to the Focus in Europe. I'm currently in the market for a new diesel compact car, and I have an offer for a loaded Mazda3 with 25% off the list price. Without even asking for rebates.

  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Feb 07, 2008

    @Redbarchetta How does the Euro Focus price compare to Civics and Corollas in europe. More or less the same... There is no Corolla in Europe anymore. Let's compare german base prices for 1.4 gassers: (including 19% VAT) Toyota Auris base model: (97hp) 15,500€ Honda Civic base model: (83hp) 16,550€ Ford Focus base model: (80hp) 15,000€ However, the Japanese cars' base models have A/C and stereo, while the Focus doesn't so they better compare with the Focus Style for 16,500€ I think its the planet Mercury not the metal, but I don’t speak German so thats a guess. You are right. Merkur is the planet/greek god, Quecksilber is the chemical element.