To Paying Car Take Long Time in America

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
to paying car take long time in america

Hello, thank you to read me. I bring news of glorious nation of US and A. In US and A, everyone is paying big fast car but this they not know in Kyrgyzstan where drive yaks. Is clear they not understanding America way in US of A using credit like we know in Kazakstahn. Here for reading is big article from Kyrgyzstan News about pay for car in America.

US car buyers take out longer loans. Longer loans are being offered to car buyers to counter an anticipated slow down in U.S car sales.Toyota is now offering up to 84 months amortization and GMAC is considering offering a 102 month deal. Financiers say people who take the longer terms are the type who wait until a car is worn out before seeking a replacement or those who are not financially solid and are looking for low monthly instalments. The average car depreciates mostly over the first three years. After 36 months it can normally only be sold for half its purchase price.

You seeing they in Kyrgyzstan not knowing of US in A same good like me. Thanking you to read me.

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  • Dhanson865 Dhanson865 on Feb 15, 2008
    You must have faulty odometer. Ever heard of 55mpg Geo metro? You must need air in your tires and a spellchecker. Ever hear of driving for the conditions or hypermiling?

  • Shaker Shaker on Feb 16, 2008

    I'm liking Mozilla Firefox, as it spell checks in Web Forms. 84 months give up much pubis for fast Yak...

  • Threeer Threeer on Feb 17, 2008

    After nearly three years of ownership between my sister and I, we've pretty much documented that the Tercel does get well over 30MPG. Believe what you will. I stand by my findings...

  • Qusus Qusus on Feb 17, 2008

    Actually, I just checked the Tercel MPG rating. Apparently it's 30/39 with the 4 speed auto, 34/39 with the manual, 31/35 with the 3 speed auto. This means that the 40mpg Tercel is quite possible and likely. I'm frankly shocked, I have a 97 Tercel with the 3 speed auto that I drive occasionally and I have never seen better than 31mpg despite doing almost all highway. It's got 200K miles but still and it's eating oil but still... I should be getting better mileage.