Chinese Tire Companies Fined for Product Dumping

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
chinese tire companies fined for product dumping

China wouldn't try anything like product dumping, would they? In a word, yes. Gasgoo reports the U.S. Commerce Department is imposing an anti-dumping duty on Chinese-made off-road tires. It seems Commerce determined that producers and exporters have been selling new tires at 10.98 to 210.48 percent below fair market value on this side of the Pacific. Now four tire manufacturers will have to pay an anti-dumping duty of 10.98 to 51.81 percent on a set of four tires. Twenty-three other off-road tire makers will have to pay an average 24.75 percent duty. They didn't say if Commerce would expand this to on-road tires, but if the manufacturers have been doing it for one type of tire, you can just about bet they've been doing it for the rest.

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  • Blautens Blautens on Feb 25, 2008

    Sure, they're dumping product, possibly below cost, but they'd never sacrifice quality, right? Caveat emptor...

  • Raymond Hieber Raymond Hieber on Feb 25, 2008

    210.48% - 51.81% fine = 158.67% below market... I think I'd risk these for replacement tires on my 65 year old hay wagon... THOSE are some dry rotted tires! Just so they're free and I don't have to pay shipping... wonder if mounting could be included free?

  • Timoted Timoted on Feb 25, 2008

    Imposing fines on Chinese companies is like trying to paddle a canoe upstream with a screen door. We need to stop importing Chinese made crap. Aren't we tired of Chinese products yet?

  • Benders Benders on Feb 25, 2008

    I actually work for the company that filed the petition and we only make OTR tires so don't count on it being expanded on on-road.