Where's Cha-Cha Muldowney When You Need Her?

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

The Steve Fossett World Land Speed Racing (LSR) Team is looking for a few good women. New Car Net reports they want to recruit a woman to pilot their jet-powered car to a supersonic land speed record. The LSR team thinks a woman would be "an excellent role model to inspire young women in all corners of the earth." Oh, and they think it would attract more sponsors. And, coincidentally, the cockpit of the car was "built on the small size" so they think a woman would be "ideally suited for the task." Not just anyone can apply though. They're looking for someone who has "reactions and judgment proven in the top ranks of professional racing, aerobatic and experimental test flight." Didn't their mommas ever warn them 'bout messin' around with fast women?

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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