TTAC Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery: Work in Progress

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac detroit auto show photo gallery work in progress

The North American International Auto Show is winding down to it's inevitable conclusion, as journalists and auto execs alike stumble into Detroit's winter gloom, wondering what the New Year will bring, knowing that it won't bring half the weird-ass shit they just saw inside the Cobo convention center. As TTAC celebrates the conclusion of this PR bragfest in the only way we know how (watching Top Gear's Hamster almost kill himself in a jet-powered car on BBC America), we invite you to have a look at the pictures Mr. Montgomery snapped that didn't make it into blog posts. We'll have more show-related news tomorrow. But for now, a big thank you from me to Sajeev Mehta, William C. Montgomery and Frank Williams for keeping it real. You should be proud. Never in the course of the internet have so few done so much for so few. Or something like that.

2008 NAIAS (230)

2009 Honda Pilot (7)

Alan Mulalley (22)

Award (1)

Bill Ford Jr. (7)

BMW (10)

BMW ActiveHybrid (1)

BMW Advanced Diesel (2)

BMW Hydrogen7 (2)

BMW M3 (1)

BMW M6 (1)

BMW X6 (3)

Buick (10)

Cadillac (11)

Chevrolet (25)

Chriysler Press Conference (14)

Chrysler (15)

Corvette ZR1 (18)

Csaba Csere (5)

CTS (1)

CTS-V (8)

David Kiley (1)

David Schembri (4)

Dodge (5)

Dodge ZEO (5)

Doktor Z (4)

Echo Voyager Concept (4)

Enclave (4)

Escalade Hybrid (2)

Ford (38)

Ford Explorer America Concept (3)

Ford F-150 (11)

Ford Flex (4)

Ford Mustang (1)

Ford Verve Concept (7)

G8 (3)

Honda (8)

Honda Accord (1)

Impala (1)

Jeep (9)

Jeep Renegade Concept (9)

Jim Press (3)

Jim Selwa (1)

Joe Lieberman (7)

John McCain (10)

Land Rover (1)

Land Rover LRX Concept (1)

Lexus (16)

Lexus LF-A Roadster (6)

Lexus LX570 (9)

Lincoln (8)

Lincoln MKS (5)

Lincoln MKX (3)

Malibu (2)

Mark Fields (6)

Maserati (8)

Maserati Gran Turismo (2)

Maserati Quattroporte GT S (3)

Mazda (8)

Mazda 5 HRE Hybrid (4)

Mazda Taiki (4)

MINI (7)

MINI Clubman (3)

MINI Cooper (2)

MINI Cooper S (2)

Mitt Romney (4)

Nissan (6)

Nissan GT-R (6)

Pontiac (5)

Presidential Candidate (14)

Quattroporte "Collezione Cento" (2)

Riviera Chinese Concept (6)

Sajeev Mehta (5)

Saturn (1)

Silverado Hybrid (4)

Smart (4)

Smart ForTwo (4)

Subaru (1)

Subaru Forester (1)

Toby Keith (8)

Toyota (7)

Toyota A-Bat Concept (1)

Toyota Corolla XRS (4)

Toyota Sequoia (2)

Trevor Creed (8)

Vibe (2)

Vue Hybrid (1)

Walter P Chrysler Signature Series (1)

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  • MaintenanceCosts And this is why I just bought myself a good 2011 manual car that I plan to keep for a good long time.
  • Lou_BC The Camaro always had to contend with the Corvette. Up until the mid-engine Corvette, bother were just muscle cars occupying the same niche. The demise of the Challenger and Camaro will be great news for Ford and the Mustang. Once again they are the last domestic Muscle car standing.
  • MaintenanceCosts I love these. They are really too loud for the street--you'd have to tiptoe around subdivisions and parking lots if you don't want people to get mad--but the noise is SO beautiful.But if I got this one the first thing I'd do would take a heat gun to the white stripes. The car is plenty shouty enough without them.
  • Ajla This was discussed a little in the Camaro thread yesterday but IMO these GT350s along with the 5g Camaro Z28 are going to be the most valuable post 2000 muscle/pony cars around the time I'm going in the ground. The experience those two cars give isn't going to exist in the future while they are also just fussy enough about maintenance/repair to make themselves rare as time goes on.
  • Lou_BC Battery trickle charger. My EV is a 12 ft. aluminum boat with a Minn Kota.