Ford Taurus X Scoops Pet Award

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

When you're stuck sucking hind titty, you take whatever morsels drop your way. With Ford's U.S. market share evaporating like dog pee on a hot sidewalk, the Blue Oval Boyz are proud of each and every obscure award they receive. And so… Fox Business reports FoMoCo has been named the "Pet Friendliest Automaker" for 2008. (DCR) gave Ford the nodding dog for its "wide range of models that offer safety, comfort and easy entry access for pets." As part of its evaluative process, DCR analyzed an undetermined number of vehicles' economy, price and (no, I didn't make this up) "creature comforts." What vehicle wowed the pet patrol? The so-beneath-the-consumer-radar-it-Hertz Taurus X. "We feel the Taurus X is not too big, not too small," DCR CEO Adrian Martenez explained, Goldilocks-wise. "It handles well, has plenty of power, great visibility all around and offers four-legged passengers as well as their humans a comfortable ride." So pets prefer vehicles that emphasize ride comfort over handling. Who knew?

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Kurt B Kurt B on Jan 09, 2008

    I read recently that Honda's Element had won the award for best vehicle for dogs. I guess the cat lobby is too strong in the "all animal" category and prefers the scratching post surfaces in the Ford.

  • AuricTech AuricTech on Jan 09, 2008
    so-beneath-the-consumer-radar-it-Hertz That is a truly glorious pun, as it works on so many levels. Just please don't use it with too much frequency....
  • Austin Greene Austin Greene on Jan 09, 2008

    I give it two raised hind legs.

  • Y2kdcar Y2kdcar on Jan 10, 2008

    I guess my two Boxers missed this report. They didn't like riding in the family's 2007 Ford Freestyle because they found it too hard to get into (and out of) the third-row seat. They greatly prefer the SWB Dodge Caravan that replaced the Freestyle in the family fleet.