Chery on Top

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

While the bad puns we like making with Chery's name are usually the pits, forgiving the prepositional sentence ending, the Chinese independent automaker isn't to be laughed at. Businessweek reports that in just ten years, the company has risen from relatively obscurity to become China's most successful domestically-branded auto maker, Chery now owns 7.5 percent of the PRC pie. Overall, Chery is number four in the very crowded Chinese auto market, behind the VW/FAW, GM/SAIC and VW/SAIC joint ventures. It's also one of the most aggressive Chinese companies, branching out into Russia, the Ukraine, the Middle East, Europe, Mexico and South America. Chery has factories in several overseas locations, including Iran, Egypt and Russia. They have a deal to provide engines for Fiat and manufacture Fiats and Alfa Romeos in China, as well as with Chrysler to develop a small car for the U.S. and sell Chery A1s under the Dodge banner in Mexico. With GM practically abandoning the U.S. market, is the time ripe for Chery picking up the slack and entering blossoming on American soil?

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Strippo Strippo on Jan 07, 2008

    Painful pic. Who popped that Chery?

  • BlisterInTheSun BlisterInTheSun on Jan 07, 2008

    I'd rather brag about waxing my Tata, thank you very much. American-manufactured Hondas and Toyotas shouldn't mind the competition from any developing nation.