Wild Ass Rumor of the Day: VW to Buy Chrysler

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Is there more than a joint minivan project in the future for Chrysler and VW? The Car Connection feeds the flames of corporate speculation. "There is going to be another round of mergers in the auto industry," the chairman for the Center for Automotive research asserts. "And the one company that matches up well with Volkswagen is Chrysler." David Cole feels Chrysler has a lot to offer the German automaker: U.S. production facilities, a large dealer network and recently reduced labor costs. With VW's stated goal of selling a million vehicles in the U.S. per year, they'll have to do something new. That said, the last Chrysler – VW collaboration gave unto us the Volksie-engined Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon twins. Just think of the possibilities now… The next Chrysler 300 could be built on the A6 platform, a revitalized Crossfire could feature a Boxster drivetrain, or the Golf/Rabbit could be the donor for the next Caliber. Of course, if if you switch that around, we could be looking at an A4-a-like with a Sebring-grade interior.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Cicero Cicero on Dec 03, 2007

    Where do I put down my deposit for one of the first Wolfsburg Limited Edition Sebrings?

  • Luther Luther on Dec 03, 2007

    It would be a wise move for Chrysler to get a piece of the VW/Audi (MHB,MQB,MLB) platforms. http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/229366/ Chrysler will have their new Phoenix V6s and DSG transmissions soon...Nardelli needs to hire a competent Interior Design Engineer.

  • PwrdbyM PwrdbyM on Dec 04, 2007

    I would consider myself a VW/Audi fan, I have two of their products in my garage. I just can't imagine a Sebring or a Jeep Compass with their Fisher Price interiors being in the same family as Audi who builds arguably the best interiors in the business. I don't really have anything constructive to say about this article so I'm just going to whine. It will be a sad day when I'm out cruising in my TT and some caliber pulls up along side, the driver yelling out, "hey mate". I might puke down the side of my car, and we all know that isn't good for your paint. Hell that is reason enough for me not to support this buyout.

  • Martin Schwoerer Martin Schwoerer on Dec 05, 2007

    Pro: The Euro is at a historic high, and I don't see it going much higher. It could be a good time to buy American equity. Con: VW probably thinks it can get Chrysler at fire-sale prices further down the road. Another con: Everything else.