Texas Curmudgeon Defines Ford Brand

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Well, somebody should. Dallas News columnist Chuck Bloom steps into the branding breach left open by FoMoCo's inability to define itself in the marketplace. In fact, Bloom doesn't just know what a Ford is, he's it: a Fat Old Rumpled Democrat. I know: nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. While Bloom's Op Ed raises the now-familiar Chevy Silverado-friendly America-first, look what they done to my factory jobs Ma socio-economic mindset, he distills the argument down to something altogether more interesting. "I have always believed that no man needs to own a Rolex or any other expensive watch in order to tell time. A Bulova or Timex does the same thing at a fraction of the cost. After all, isn't that the 'function' of a watch? Same holds true for being a FORD. My beliefs will get me to where I want to go; no need to own and maintain an expensive, overpriced philosophy. And when the others in this area realize that a FORD works as well, or better, than any BMW, things might get changed for the better." To which we might add, when Ford builds a car that works as well, or better, than a BMW, they'll sell a lot more cars.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Dec 07, 2007

    Did anyone think to point out to the guy that we don't NEED professional baseball teams? He doesn't NEED a logo hat to keep the sun off his face. We certainly don't NEED his work one bit. The whole idea of what we "need" is ridiculous. This guy thinks he is smarter, wiser, better, and overall more important than the rest of us. How uncivilized can you get than to go around griping about what others don't need? Does he really even need a Ford? Would a bike not suffice? Or, should he not take the bus? The truth is that he has a need to feel smarter than the rest of us, and he will do all sorts of stupid things to reinforce that belief. I for one don't NEED to live in his fantasy world.

  • Jschaef481 Jschaef481 on Dec 07, 2007

    Landcrusher: AMEN! Well put.

  • Geeber Geeber on Dec 07, 2007

    Landcrusher: We also didn't need masterpiece paintings, da Vinci's statues, beautiful cathedrals, Big Ben, the Crown Jewels, the Empire State Building, the Hollywood sign, the original Mustang, the current Mustang, the Civic Si, the Corvette...or a whole list of other frivolous items. But I'm sure glad we have them...

  • Kevin Kevin on Dec 07, 2007

    Must be a slow news day to link to THAT pointless empty-headed rant.