Nova Scotia Bans Smoking in Cars With Kids

Samir Syed
by Samir Syed
nova scotia bans smoking in cars with kids

CTV reports that the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has become the first Canadian jurisdiction to ban adults from smoking in cars with anyone under the age of 18 on board– regardless of whether or not a teenager in the car is smoking (hence the headline). The move has encouraged other provinces to study the idea of doing the same: New Brunswick, British Columbia and The Yukon (OK, it's not a province, but close enough) are all thinking of following suit, with Ontario slowly in tow. The move is hailed as a big victory by the Canadian Cancer Society, who maintain that one in five children are exposed to smoke in a car on a regular basis. No word on the penalties involved.

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  • Ralph SS Ralph SS on Dec 17, 2007

    So. Why aren't cigarettes illegal? Or, put another way...are these anti-smoking laws about the welfare of the children? Or revenue? I grow weary.

  • Blunozer Blunozer on Dec 17, 2007

    They also recently put a law in place here in Nova Scotia that bans open displays of cigarettes in stores. You have to ask the clerk for smokes, who takes them out of a closed door cabinet. Its easier and less conspicuous to buy condoms or porno. (not that I need either) I think the idea isn't to make people quit. It's to keep people from ever starting to smoke, since it is a HUGE pain in the ass.

  • Rpn453 Rpn453 on Dec 17, 2007

    Maybe they should educate people on how to smoke in cars without filling the interior with smoke. Window down a little, and fan on high. Simply opening a window all the way does not provide the desired ventilation. I'm a non-smoker, and even I've figured this out.

  • Terry Terry on Dec 17, 2007

    GOOD FOR THEM!!! I have so many not-so-wonderful memories of sitting in the back seat of my parent's car with 2 brothers, couldnt breathe, constant colds and coughs as both Mom and Dad smoked like chimneys.