Daimler: Once Bitten, Twice Hungry

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Now that they've palmed-off their Chrysler fiasco on Cerberus, Daimler is cash rich and company hungry. Reuters translates: "'Acquisitions are an option for growth,' the German news agency dpa-AFX quoted Zetsche as saying in an interview, adding the German carmaker — also the world's biggest truckmaker — had practically no financial limits for deals." Apparently, Dr. Z has ruled out scarfing-up another automaker, preferring to sniff around for companies who make technology that Daimler needs to meet new European Union fuel economy regulations, and such. Oh and to prevent a takeover– the original impetus for the Chrysler fiasco– Daimler looks set to announce another round of share buybacks. It currently owns just 4.7 percent of its shares, but plans to use the cash swilling around in its corporate coffers to repurchase up to 10 percent of Daimler stock by the end of August 2008. Why they didn't do this instead of buying Chrysler the first place, or how Zetsche remains in power after NOT doing this in the first place, remains a mystery.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Dynamic88 Dynamic88 on Dec 20, 2007

    " "'Acquisitions are an option for growth,' " A sure sign of trouble. Dr. Z doesn't have any real plans for growing the company -aside from aquisitions. No real idea what the problems are, what the brand stands for, or how to fix the company. Buy a company, make the numbers look good, and ignore the real problems. It's strangely comforting to know the Germans are as inept as American execs.

  • Cammy Corrigan Cammy Corrigan on Dec 20, 2007

    "Acquisitions are an option for growth" It makes me sick that people like this are earning far more money than I could possibly dream of. Daimler have just gone through a messy divorce with Chrysler and dropped Mitsubishi. Ford have dismantled their PAG and GM is drowning with brands. However, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai have concentrated on expanding the "Toyota", "Lexus", "Honda", "Acura" and "Hyundai" brands and making them stand for something. Why are western car companies so afraid of organic growth?

  • Sherman Lin Sherman Lin on Dec 20, 2007

    They should have just waited and bought GM now instead of Chrysler years ago

  • Gardiner Westbound Gardiner Westbound on Dec 20, 2007

    Spend the money on engineering and quality improvements.