We Create, You Decide: PAS POS?

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Last month, BMW revealed some of their plans for the near future. One highly-touted model: the neither-fish-nor-foul Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). The concept is supposed to blend the best features of a sedan, hatchback, station wagon, SUV, CUV, XUV, SAV, Mercedes CLS and whatever else they could toss in into one 5-series-sized vehicle. BMW says the design highlights "efficient packaging methods and intelligent functionalities" (kind of like the 1949 Kaiser Traveler). Up until now, propellerheads had to be satisfied with the usual camouflaged spy shots. As part of our renewed partnership with photochopper extraordinaire Andrei Avarvarii, TTAC is proud to present presents our informed speculation on the PAS' non-flame-surfaced glory. BMW's slated the model's introduction for 2010.

[For more images visit www.avarvarii.com]

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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