Hindustan Avigo: Mamby Pamby Amby?

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta
hindustan avigo mamby pamby amby

Talk about keepin' it real. The badge-engineered Morris Oxford built India's automotive economy from scratch, but a new era of econoboxes chipped away at the Ambassador's (a.k.a. Amby) market share and umm, charm. Like Detroit, Hindustan Motors must see the writing on the wall; the latest Amby sports a freshened interior and increased NVH control that take it from tail bone bashing to merely harsh. To accompany the new-ish electronically controlled powertrains and fully synchro'd transmissions (1974 called, they want their stuff back), the company's devised a new name to tempt aspiring if nostalgic-minded motorists: Avigo. Looking like a Mini (no caps) on the cheap, the jury's out on the Avigo's success in the fully-globalized land of Bollywood dancers and Bhangra beats. Tunak, Tunak!

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  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Oct 19, 2007

    Ryan: Hinglish is a beautiful thing. Deep in our hearts we know that no amount of sellling can make you take her home. Yes, you will definitely come across some words of discouragement from a mundane few. But then, who cares? Such brash honesty! No wonder the Hyundai Santro sells so well! So all we want to tell you is... just listen to your heart. Listen carefully as you run your fingers over the Avigo's beautiful curves.. as you touch her for the very first time. I may be an ABCD, but reading this gets me hot under the collar!

  • Carzzi Carzzi on Oct 19, 2007

    Yes, I loved the shape of the old Indian cars I grew up driving. The Premier 118NE (neé FIAT 124, with 1171 cc pushrod Nissan Engine...sweet sounding, butter smooooth gearbox) and the Hindustan Amby (with 1489cc pushrod 4, replete with graunchy column shift 4 speed, synchromesh on gears 2,3,4). The essences of the shapes of these cars inspired my purchases in adulthood. My E30 BMW's dashboard reminded me of the 118NE. The curves of my E39 M5, in a perverse manner, evoke the Amby. Some of the visual nostalgia... with none of the functional compromise.

  • TaxedAndConfused TaxedAndConfused on Oct 20, 2007
    ...thought the timing was awesome considering TTAC’s Ford Focus review. I suppose. There are loads of other cars which should be dead but still in production. I think you can buy a 1960s Peugeot 504 made new in Africa, plus a Mk1 Golf in South Africa, or something like that.
  • Thecybergeek Thecybergeek on Jul 19, 2008

    Its true the that car is really old . but again it is good to see a classic car still in production. one thing i found is that if you want to enjoy the nature while driving then go for a Ambassador without power steering ..try it .it really make sense while cruising around . with safety ...err ..i have seen mercs in bad shape . but else there are better cars available .