Hummer Harassment Boomerangs on Chinese Mazda Fans

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
hummer harassment boomerangs on chinese mazda fans

American greenies don't hold a monopoly on Hummer hatred. China Car Times reports a Mazda6 club outing encountered a Hummer H2. In a move that would make Greenpeace proud, the school of 20 Mazdas surrounded the H2 and forced the driver to slow to 30kph (about 18mph). They were so proud of their actions they videotaped the entire incident and put it on the internet. Hummer-positive internet viewers tracked down the license plate numbers on the Mazdas and posted the drivers' names, home addresses and telephone numbers along with negative comments. The Mazda drivers should just be thankful the H2 driver didn't put it in 4wd low and pretend he was a tank driver in Tiananmen Square.

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  • TaxedAndConfused TaxedAndConfused on Sep 05, 2007

    Are they really all that fast ? I trundled down a motorway near my Parent's places in North West England and had the only one of these I know of (belongs to a sad self-publicist with the job of "lifestyle coach", wish I could find the link...) trying to push me along all the way despite that fact I had nowhere to pull in (no overtaking on the passenger side here). All I could see in the rear window was the bottom of the grill. Very annoying. Once clear though the 90hp/150 lb/ft Turbo Diesel hatchback I was driving at the time had no problem at all making the bling-mobile tiny speck in my rear view mirror and was happy to repeat the trick whenever he caught up. It kind of reminded me of a 20-stone ruddy-faced asthmatic diabetic running on a hot day - lots of bluff and bluster but not much real progress. Thankfully apart from those painted matt green or sand colours very few seem to make it out of North America.

  • Dolo54 Dolo54 on Sep 05, 2007

    mazda 6 club sucks and hummers suck. note that hummers and other suvs tend to do the same thing to other drivers that these guys did to the hummer, that is, take up the passing lane and go 60 cause 60 feels like 120 in an suv.

  • Omnivore Omnivore on Sep 05, 2007

    I'm getting a mental image of a cow falling in a tropical creek and getting picked apart by pirannas.... Seriously, though, people buy Hummers for one reason and one reason only: they like attention. So this Hummer driver got a little more attention than usual. Bully for him.

  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Sep 05, 2007

    I pass the moving buildings as fast as I can. The only good place for an SUV is in your rearview mirror, off-road or in Iraq.