Brit Breaks Speeding Ticket Record

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

From the land of sleeping policemen and speed cameras, gizmag brings news that will touch the inner hoon in all of us. Londoner Tim Brady is now the new British national automobile speeding ticket record holder. Brady broke the old record by 16mph, by doing 172mph (277kph) in a 3.6 liter Porsche 911 Turbo "borrowed" from his employer, a luxury car rental company. After the police clocked him, it took Brady almost 2300 ft (700 meters) to stop. Brady is now serving a 10-week jail sentence and lost his license for his actions. By the way, he still didn't beat the record for the top speed ever recorded on a British roadway. That belongs to motorcyclist Daniel Nicks who registered 175mph (282kph) on a Honda Fireblade. But the Brits still have a way to go to beat the Yanks– American Samuel Armstrong still holds the world speeding ticket record by doing 205mph (330kph) on a Honda RC51 superbike.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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