A Tale of Two GM Workplaces

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

GM's recent layoffs at their Oshawa Ontario light truck production facility– the plant that builds the automaker's once-upon-a-time Silverado savior– will idle 1100 workers. While we're sure the Canadian Auto Workers union's most excellent contract will keep those paychecks coming for quite some time, you've got to feel for their future. Meanwhile, over at GM Planworks, the future's so bright they're wearing shades. And playing videogames. Crain's Detroit Business reports that the company that handles all of GM's $2.9b media spend piles up the perks. "Employees who reach 10 years of service can take a four-week sabbatical at half-pay. There are 20 paid holidays on the schedule, shorter Friday workdays in the summer and three- and four-day workweeks…. The company also has digital conference rooms with the newest technology, such as TiVo, DVRs, editing equipment and video game consoles." Howzzat? “Having the newest technology has always been a priority,” said Mary Carpenter, GM Planworks' president of strategy and operations. Hey, where's MY iPhone?

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Mikey Mikey on Sep 04, 2007

    Just a couple of facts here folks As of today there is NO! production people layed off in Oshawa, nobody as in zilch. Yes maybe as many as 2 or 3 thousand might be layed off some time? Dec ? maybe Jan 08? Sales up 5 % or so? Maybe the media people are earning thier keep.

  • Kurt B Kurt B on Sep 04, 2007

    Mikey Plant consolidation at Osgoode = guaranteed layoffs. The truck plant is cutting a shift in Jan 08 unless the US housing market turns around.

  • Mikey Mikey on Sep 04, 2007

    Kurt B Yeah you are correct,but 4 months is a long time in this buisness,The buying public is very fickle and unpredictable.Remember it was 2yrs since we heard the first doom and gloom, so far {touch wood}we are still rockin and rollin.

  • Charleywhiskey Charleywhiskey on Sep 04, 2007

    What, pray tell, does Mary do? Seems to me that defective strategy and operations are GM’s two main problems.